A restaurant in the UAE uses a method from "Chat GBT" to make pizza

A pizza may not be the first location that comes to mind when considering the commercial applications of artificial intelligence. But "Dodo Pizza" brand chef Spartak Arutyunyan employs AI to aid in his creative process.

To cater to his clientele in Dubai, Spartak ordered a cuisine that mirrored the city's diverse population using the ChatGPT chatbot. The final product is a pizza with an Arabic-European gastronomic profile.

Information about the restaurant's implementation of ChatGPT

restaurant in the UAE

A report in the British tabloid "The Sun" claimed that the eatery uses cutting-edge ChatGPT technology to provide consumers access to its pizza recipes, with customers able to enter their requests into a global automated chat programme and receive a formula for it within five seconds.

Its ability to produce various technological tasks, such as writing newspaper articles, creating computer codes, and writing tweets, without the intervention of a human hand, as if it were similar to artificial intelligence robot systems, quickly attracted the attention of the media around the world.

Managers at a pizza joint said that they could whip up 29 different kinds of pizza using the cutting-edge "GPT Chat" technology in just a few minutes, and that this would permanently alter the way people eat.

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