Canada visa exemption for UAE residents 2023

On June 5, 2018, the Canadian government took the step of strengthening friendly relations and enhancing cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Canada, and as part of this initiative, residents of the United Arab Emirates were granted visa waivers when visiting Canada.

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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates occupies an important and central place in the economic and trade interactions between these two countries. The UAE hosts more than 150 Canadian companies and accommodates more than 40,000 Canadian citizens, and plays a key role. Therefore, streamlining the process of entry of UAE citizens and residents into Canada is of great importance.

1. Promotion of economic exchange:

Enabling visa waiver is an incentive to enhance Canada's investment and employment opportunities, thereby enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries.

2. Promotion of tourism and trade:

The visa waiver not only simplifies UAE citizens to Canada, but also increases the prospects for tourism and business interactions, enhancing the movement of investments and business activities between the two countries.

Ate Electronic Travel Permit

E-travel permit acts as a digital alternative to traditional paper visas, and can be obtained through Canada's Immigration Department official portal. This convenient permit allows applicants from the UAE to enter Canada via air travel, eliminating the need for a traditional visa.

How to obtain an Ate e-travel permit

1. First step, access to Canada's official immigration website.
2. Specify the applicant's nationality (UAE).
3. Writing personal data in the electronic form.
4. Pay the necessary permit fees.
5. Finally, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Canadian Embassy regarding the request.

Ate Online Travel Permit Requirements

1. Valid passport.
2. Valid credit card.
3. Correct data in the data form.
4. Active email to communicate and follow up the request.
5. Personal papers required to support the application (depending on the personal case).

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