The UAE issues a decision regarding state workers

An employee may be transferred from one federal body to another or to a local entity without prejudice to his financial dues, as was established by the executive regulation of the human resources law in the federal government.

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This is the case even if the employee does not agree to the transfer or if he makes a request for it.It is also possible for him to be transferred to the private sector at his own request, provided that this is done in accordance with the human resources processes that have been enacted by the federal government as well as the controls and provisions that have been outlined in the regulation.

Financial allocations

According to the regulation, an employee may be transferred to any other federal agency with the same work grade and budgetary allocations that he or she already possesses.If the employee is moved during the fiscal year, the transferred entity will continue to pay his wages and financial allocations until the end of the fiscal year, provided that the appropriate budget processes are followed in this regard. The employee who is being moved is required to fulfil the requirements necessary to be hired for the position they will be moving into, and the employee's length of service will be factored into the determination of the employee's eligibility for certain benefits in accordance with the terms of the law governing pensions and social insurance.

The rule said that, in accordance with the laws and requirements, the body that is transferring must bear all costs and fees that may follow from the transfer. This includes any changes in contribution premiums, which must be paid in line with the regulations and provisions of the law governing pensions and social insurance.The approval of both the entity doing the transferring and the entity doing the receiving must be obtained before an employee may be transferred outside of a federal entity. On the basis of the report from the medical committee and in line with the transfer procedures that have been established in this decision, the employee may be transferred to a job that is better suited to his or her medical condition.

decision regarding state workers in The emirates

Job description

In addition, an employee may be transferred to a higher vacant position in the entity that is being transferred, provided that he satisfies the necessary conditions for filling it, in accordance with the provisions of the human resources law, this decision, and the job evaluation and job description system, in accordance with the promotion provisions, and any of the employees may be transferred within the federal entity based on the requirements of the Labour Department.

According to the regulation, the transfer of employees must be approved by the head of the federal entity or his authorised representative in the case of a transfer within the federal entity, and must have the consent of both the heads of the transferred entity or the transferred entity in the case of a transfer outside of the federal entity to any other entity, in accordance with the human resources procedures and regulations that have been adopted in the federal government.

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