Dubai and UAE Visa Fee 2023 (Golden, Green, Tourist and Job Search)

The United Arab Emirates, and particularly Dubai, have become well-liked travel destinations, drawing millions of tourists from all over the world. The first step towards entering the UAE, regardless of whether you are a frequent business traveller or a first-time visitor, is to secure a visa, such as a tourist, green, work, or study visa. Paying the visa fee is a crucial step in the visa application procedure.

Here is all the information you need to know regarding visa fees in Dubai and the UAE for various types of visas.

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Dubai and UAE visa fees:

Visa costs vary depending on the type of visa. Each service card on the ICP and GDRFA-D websites, where you can apply for UAE visas, lists the applicable visa charge. At the time of writing, all prices were correct.

Dubai and United Arab Emirates visitor visa:

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) customer care representative verified that all UAE and Dubai visa fees, including tourist visas for 30 and 60 days, have gone up by 100 dirhams.

For instance, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship raised the cost of a one-month visit visa from Dh270 to Dh370. The current fee for a 60-day UAE tourist visa is Dh500, according to reports from travel agencies.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates require a tourist visa.

The cost and costs for a Dubai tourist visa vary depending on the type of visa you are seeking for.

Emirates presently charges $90 for a short-term single-entry visa and $177 for a single-entry long-term tourist visa, just to give you an idea. Currently, the single-entry short-term tourist visa costs $122 and the single-entry long-term tourist visa costs $204 on Etihad Airways. Check out the Emirates and Etihad websites for complete fare information.

Golden visa for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates:

The cost of the UAE golden visa largely depends on the type of service and visa category. For individuals applying from the UAE, the golden visa costs between Dh2,800 and Dh3,800. Applicants from outside the country will be charged between 3800 dirhams and 4800 dirhams. In addition, the individual must also pay the 10-year golden visa application fee, which has been raised from Dh50 to Dh150. This fee includes Authority fees, electronic services fees, and smart services fees.

The applicant will also need to spend approximately AED 1,000 for a medical examination and Emirates ID processing fee. In addition, they will need to purchase health insurance in the UAE, which starts at AED 800 and varies in cost.

Green visa for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates:
may vary after the entire issuance process as it depends on the number of dependents on the visa holders sponsorship
The green visa costs AED 2,280. The price does not include the ID card fee, which costs around AED 575, and the medical fee, which is AED 320 for normal services.
Keep in mind that the price is for one individual only, and the total price

Job seeker visa in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates:

As mentioned on the ICP website, the visa fees for different categories of UAE job seeker visa are as follows: 60 days visa - 1495 AED 90 days visa - 1,655 AED 120 days visa - 1,815 AED Please note that the above mentioned visa price is the total fee including a security deposit of AED 1025

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