Dubai announces 10-year residency Golden Visa in UAE

United Arab Emirates Golden Visa is awarded to individuals who have worked in the country for a total of twenty years, and it comes with a resident privilege valid for ten years.

Dubai made the decision to award its long-term resident visa, known as the golden visa, to imams, preachers, and religious researchers who fulfil certain requirements.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, is the one who made the decision to extend the eligible candidates for the decade-long residency permit, according to the announcement made by the Dubai Media Office, which is operated by the government.

10-year residency Golden Visa in UAE

In addition to mosque imams and religious experts, this most recent addition includes preachers, muezzins (the person who shouts the call to prayer), and muftis (Islamic jurists).

Candidates must have worked in their current job in the Gulf state for at least 20 years in order to be considered eligible.

The news was made not long before Eid al-Fitr, which is a holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world since it marks the end of the month-long period of fasting known as Ramadan. Ramadan is observed from sunrise to sunset each day.

In addition, to commemorate the Islamic event, Dubai's Crown Prince announced a "financial award" of an amount that was not specified.

Golden Visa in UAE

he Golden Visa programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a highly coveted long-term residency visa that is intended to recruit and keep international talents within the country. The programme gives individuals the option to live, work, or study in the UAE.

It grants long-term residency for a period of either five or ten years, giving visa holders the autonomy to reside in the country without the need for a sponsor, the ability to work outside the UAE for extended periods of time without compromising the validity of their visa status, and the capability to sponsor family members. The visa is valid for either five or ten years, depending on the applicant's circumstances.

Previously, the programme was restricted to investors in the public sector and real estate, entrepreneurs, outstanding specialised talents, inventors, doctors, scientists, and creatives working in the field of art and culture; however, three years later, the programme was expanded to cover more businesspeople and professionals working in a wider variety of fields.

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