"Kuwait Housing” announces the availability of low-cost government housing

The Director General of Residential Care confirmed that the institution, with its technical, administrative and legal cadres, is accelerating its pace to keep pace with citizens’ needs for adequate housing that is compatible with the population increase.

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced the availability of 17 government-rented housing in what is known as “low-cost homes".

These dwellings are concentrated in the areas of (Sulaibiya, Taima, and Sabah Al-Salem City Apartments), noting that anyone from the categories registered for them who wishes to apply for the year 2000 and before with the Corporation for this type of housing must apply to the Corporation during the period from the 22nd of this month until the 16th of next November, according to Specific following years:

Reception date: 22 - 10/26/2023, year of application 1992 and earlier, 29 - 2/11/2023, year of application 1993/1995, date of reception 5-9/11/2023, year of application 1996/1998, and 12 - 16/11/2023 The year of application is 1999/2000.

“Residential” added that among the categories referred to are “disabled Kuwaitis” who are registered to apply for a rental housing, and a number of available housing will be allocated to this category, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, provided that the application is made at the Citizen Service Department in the main building of the institution in the evening period, ranging from (4 - 7) in the evening, and the morning period from (8:30 - 12:30) in the external centers (Tahrir Tower, Jahra, Al-Qurain, The Avenues).

Required Documents:

A salary certificate for the husband of an employee working in the private sector, or a salary certificate for a female employee working in the private sector, or a disability certificate.

The Foundation revealed the latest qualitative shift in the field of residential care through the role of electronic services through the “Sahl” application, providing about 20 electronic services.

Al-Haddab added that the availability and diversity of national cadres facilitates the implementation of projects and revitalizes the national private sector in all its sectors, especially the construction sector and the building industry, and opens the door to creative opportunities that serve the citizen without costs, and reduces waiting periods for citizens who are eligible for housing care.

The Foundation stressed its keenness and commitment to the Kuwaiti Constitution and residential care laws, and places family issues and their needs at the forefront of its responsibility.

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