"Kuwait Housing" reduces the symbolic price of the vouchers

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare in Kuwait announced the Cabinet’s approval of its proposal to reduce the value of the symbolic price of government vouchers allocated for residential care.

The Ministry of Housing determined the areas concerned with the decision, which are the areas of Southern Khaitan, Abu Halifa, and Al-Sabahiya, to 5 thousand dinars per voucher.

The corporation added in a statement that it will soon announce to the citizens who benefit from the decision the mechanism for returning the difference in financial amounts to the voucher owners covered by the decision through the corporation’s official accounts and the media.

It was reported that the amount that will be returned to the owners of vouchers in the southern Khaitan area is 14 million and 480 thousand dinars, and in the Sabahiya area 775 thousand, and to the owners of Abu Halifa vouchers 855 thousand.

The decision aims to support citizens and alleviate their burdens, especially as they are currently building and finishing their homes, pointing out the continued support for the owners of housing plots and accelerating the pace of project contract work, which is being implemented to operate services in conjunction with citizens housing based on the recommendations of the Council of Ministers in this regard.

The Ministry of Housing stressed the keenness of the Minister of Housing and his directives regarding coordination with government agencies responsible for completing citizens transactions and completing them without obstacles or delays, overcoming obstacles to providing housing care, and working to reduce their financial burdens in order to achieve the public interest.

The Corporation announced the start of tenders for the “low-cost” affordable housing project, which is being implemented in the Salmi area, 16 km from the city of Jahra, pointing out that it will reveal the names of the citizens who benefit from the decision and the mechanism for disbursing the difference in amounts through its official accounts and the media soon, explaining The symbolic price of one voucher ranges between (10-15) thousand dinars, depending on the region.

It stated that two contracts were offered that include the construction of 3,345 houses, in addition to public buildings and other services, noting that the first tender includes the construction and completion of 1,777 houses, while the second tender includes 1,568 houses, noting that the closing date for the tenders will be next December 5.

It indicated that she is continuing to issue the remaining tenders for the project successively, indicating that the total number of contracts for public buildings and prefabricated homes in the project is 9 tenders, and stressed that companies that are late in completing their projects are not allowed to participate by more than 50%.

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