Kuwait Municipality reveals reservations and camping licenses

Mr. Muhammad Al-Mutairi, Director of the Public Relations Department and the official spokesman for the Kuwait Municipality, revealed that the committee charged with studying and updating the spring camp sites has successfully completed all preparations for this year’s spring camping season.

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Application steps:

  1. Enter the municipality’s website
  2. Click on the site reservation box by entering the coordinate of the camp to be licensed.
  3. Enter the camp owner’s personal data.
  4. Agree to the stipulated terms and conditions.
  5. Payment of a fee of 50 Kuwaiti dinars via KNET, which is not refundable.
  6. A refundable deposit of 100 Kuwaiti dinars must be paid after obtaining a camp cleanliness certificate from the municipality with approval from the Environment Public Authority.
  7. Issuing a temporary camp license during the spring camping season.

Deadline for receiving applications:

This season will be launched under the slogan “The camp is for you and for your family” starting on the morning of Wednesday, November 15, when the door for receiving reservation requests and issuing camp licenses will open at 12 noon, according to what “Wego” monitored.

It was announced that reservations and licensing of spring camps were open for citizens via QR code, with temporary licenses being issued for camps in approved locations, provided that residency conditions are adhered to.

The committee meeting, which included representatives from government agencies and cooperative societies, was enriched by identifying two sites in a fair manner.

The first is on Kabd Road, and the other is in Subiya at the end of Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, through a lottery process for interested associations, and 14 additional locations for association markets were identified with the same fair approach through lottery.

While Kuwait Municipality announced the places allowed for camping for the 2023/2024 season, they are as follows: (Al-Khiran, Al-Sabiya site, Kabd camps, Sulaibiya camps, Kazma camps, Al-Jahra camps, Al-Na’ayem camps, Umm Al-Hayman camps, Sabah Al-Ahmad camps, Rajm Khashman camps, Al-Diri camps. Seventh, Al-Mutlaa Camps, Kilo 8, Al-Mutlaa Camps, Kilo 14).

Terms and conditions:

  • Choosing a spring camp location within the location specified by the municipality.
  • Determine an area of 1000 square meters for issuing individual licenses.
  • Determine an area of 2,000 square meters to 5,000 square meters for issuing licenses for companies and bodies.
  • The license applicant must be fully qualified and not less than 21 years old.
  • It is not permissible to issue more than one license in the name of one person.
  • Kuwait Municipality reserves the right to modify, change, update or cancel camping sites.
  • Licenses will be canceled in the event of modification to the site chosen for camping.
  • Commitment to remove the camp. In the event of a violation by the person concerned, the municipality will remove the camp at the expense of the person concerned. He is not entitled to obtain a camping license within a maximum period of three years.
  • It is prohibited to destroy or deteriorate the natural environment, harm wildlife, or compromise its aesthetic value.
  • The temporary license holder is obligated to inform the municipality of vacating the licensed site within the specified period.
  • Adherence to the requirements of the General Fire Department and the Ministry of Interior for prevention and safety.
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