Oman Halts issuance of new visas for Bangladeshi citizens

The Royal Oman Police has made a significant policy change by announcing the discontinuation of the practice of converting visit visas into work visas, effective from Tuesday, October 31.

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Furthermore, the issuance of new visas for individuals from Bangladesh has been temporarily suspended.

End of Visit Visa Conversion

Before this decision, individuals traveling to Oman could enter the country with a tourist or visit visa and subsequently convert it into a work visa. This process was a common practice for those seeking employment in Oman.

However, the new ruling puts an end to this practice, making it a requirement for individuals to obtain work visas directly without relying on visit visas for conversion.

Impact on Travelers from Bangladesh

The Royal Oman Police also specified that new visas for Bangladeshi travelers have been suspended. While the announcement did not provide the exact reasons behind this suspension, it implies a temporary halt on the issuance of new visas to individuals from Bangladesh.

Visa Requirements for GCC Residents

It's important to note that residents of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries enjoy certain privileges in Oman. GCC residents from 100 different countries are not required to obtain a visa when traveling to Oman. This policy was introduced by Oman and has been in effect for some time.

The exemption from obtaining a visa applies as long as the GCC resident's visa has a validity period of no less than three months. This is a convenient arrangement for GCC residents who wish to visit Oman for tourism, business, or other purposes.

Unified GCC Tourist Visa

In related news, there are discussions regarding the introduction of a unified tourist visa for GCC countries. This initiative aims to facilitate tourism within the Gulf Cooperation Council. The proposed unified visa, once implemented, would allow tourists to explore multiple member countries with a single visa.

This initiative, if realized, would greatly enhance tourism and travel across the GCC, covering the six member states, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. This move is anticipated to streamline the travel process and make the Gulf region more accessible to tourists, benefiting both the tourism industry and travelers in the GCC.

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