The 5 most serious traffic violations in the UAE and their penalties

Drivers need to understand that traffic laws are to protect their safety, and the need to comply with them. This is why Abu Dhabi Police frequently publishes videos that capture traffic accidents and violations that caused their occurrence, and displays drivers who ignore traffic regulations. For this, we have collected the following five most dangerous traffic violations published by Abu Dhabi Police. Antelope that was the cause of accidents, with a detailed explanation of all penalties for these violations.

Penalty for not leaving a sufficient safety distance in the Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Police published a shocking video clip of this violation and its horrific consequences, as the driver did not leave a safe distance and committed the wrong overtaking violation as well, and for this reason the Abu Dhabi Police clarified the penalty for both violations, as the wrong overtaking is punishable by a fine of 600 dirhams and 6 black points, and a violating penalty Not leaving a safe distance is a serious traffic offense punishable by a fine of 400 dirhams and 4 black points. In cases where the violation led to an accident that endangered people's lives, more severe penalties are applied.

Penalty for sudden lane change violations in the UAE

Earlier, Abu Dhabi Police issued an important warning about the dangers of sudden lane change by motorists, by publishing a video clip in which a car appeared to cross four lanes on the Abu Dhabi highway, collide with a truck and overturn after hitting a barrier on the side of the road, and demanded that motorists not change lanes recklessly. The driver and others are at risk and also asked them to use the indicators when changing lanes and avoid sudden deviation and make sure to use the correct lane when moving to another road.

Fine for sudden lane change in the UAE

The fine for a sudden change of lanes without using the indicators is 400 dirhams. Authorities in Abu Dhabi have activated radar devices to detect lane changes or sudden changes on various roads, especially at traffic lights.

Penalty for violating crossing without places designated for pedestrians and exposing themselves and road users to danger

Abu Dhabi Police warned of the penalty for violating crossing in non-pedestrian places, which is extremely dangerous for road users, and residents were urged to avoid crossing the road in unspecified places. They were advised to use pedestrian bridges and other crossings for their safety, and explained that the fine for this violation is 400 dirhams. Because they pose a danger to both pedestrians and road users.

traffic violations
traffic violations

Penalty for exceeding traffic lights in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Police warned all drivers of the penalties for exceeding the red light at traffic lights and explained that their penalties are harsh, as the vehicles involved in exceeding the red light are confiscated for a month, and their owners are punished with fees and fines of 3000 dirhams. Abu Dhabi receive harsher penalties than in other emirates. It is noteworthy that according to the UAE Federal Traffic Law, which covers all emirates, vehicles will be confiscated for 30 days and 12 black points will be added to the driver's driver's license. From the reservation, the owners must pay a fee of 3000 dirhams.

traffic violations
traffic violations

Penalty for stopping suddenly in the middle of a motorway in the UAE

The Traffic and Patrols Department of Abu Dhabi Police warned all drivers not to stop in the middle of the road for any reason, due to the seriousness of this behavior and considering it a traffic crime. And 6 black traffic points.

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