The Civil Service Commission achieves job security for Kuwaiti workers

One source stated that the Civil Service Bureau has studied several guarantees to achieve job security for those waiting for government employment who are currently registered with the bureau.

Distinctive immediate job opportunities are available with fair salaries, allowances and full bonuses for those wishing to work in the private sector.

The sources revealed that these guarantees include doubling the work experience period in the private sector to 6 months instead of the current system, which stipulates that the probation period is only 92 days.

It indicated that one of the guarantees also includes the period of work in the private sector for the period of service if they decide to return to work in the government, stressing that the bureau pledges in this case to re-register them on the list of job seekers while maintaining the same arrangement.

One source stated that the opportunity serves as an educational experience for participants to explore the requirements of work in the private sector, in addition to gain field experience and developing work skills.

New Kuwaiti Labor Law:

It stipulates that it is prohibited to issue a work permit to individuals who have reached or exceeded sixty years of age coming to Kuwait and who hold a high school average or equivalent certificates. This law was implemented starting in January 2022.

During the past few months, the Public Authority for Manpower in Kuwait announced that it had made some amendments to the provisions of the labor laws related to expatriates inside the State of Kuwait, and called it the “Unified Employment Contract,” which guarantees the rights of both the worker and the employer.

The “Unified Employment Contract” clarifies the most important rights and duties that both parties are obligated to, and these amendments include the following: The worker may be subject to a trial period of work for a maximum period of 100 days from the date of receiving the job before signing an official employment contract.

Women's labor law:

They are prohibited from working at night between ten in the evening and seven in the morning, with the exception of working in hospitals, sanatoriums, private treatment homes, and other institutions for which a decision is issued by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, provided that the employer is committed in all cases referred to in this article to providing them with security requirements along with Providing means of transportation for them to and from their place of work.

Working hours during the holy month of Ramadan are also excluded from the provisions of this article, It is also prohibited to employ women in work that is dangerous, arduous, or harmful to health. It is also prohibited to employ women in work that is harmful to morals and that is based on exploiting their femininity in a manner inconsistent with public morals, It is also prohibited to employ women in agencies that provide their services to men only.

These businesses and entities shall be determined by a decision from the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor after consultation with the Advisory Committee for Labor Affairs and the competent organization.

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