The Kuwaiti Civil Service reveals important details for state employees

A source at the Civil Service Commission confirmed that the Ministry of Finance had approved the budget for scholarships and study Permits, including the number of grades, and each government agency allocated its share according to its observed need.

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The civil court explained that the government agencies in which the employees work have the full right to choose the names of employees who wish to be sent to study abroad to obtain a master’s or doctorate, or to obtain study leave to complete a bachelor’s degree or academic diploma, and it is not within the jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission.

Reports revealed that 22,942 citizens were nominated to work in ministries, government agencies and institutions during the period from October 2022 to October 2023, including 14,840 citizens who were appointed during the period from March 2023 to this October, deducted from the grades allocated to all ministries in the budget for the fiscal year 2023-2024, amounting to 21,815 degree.

The Bureau stated that it has the right to intervene only in one case, when it is discovered that none of the names nominated by any government agency meet the controls and conditions. In this case, they are returned and we request alternative names according to the controls. In this case, they are returned and we request alternative names according to the controls.

Rules for scholarship outside Kuwait:

• To be a holder of Kuwaiti nationality.

• Study leave can be granted after the seconded employee is transferred to the Ministry, provided that the employee is not seconded.

• The employee is not allowed to take study leave in the same specialty, if he previously obtained study leave in a specific specialty and the study was cancelled.

• Study and work should not be combined, as the study should be full-time, with the exception of studying in special evening courses to coordinate between work and study.

• The study must be in a specialty required by the Ministry to avoid a surplus in a particular specialty.

• The study must be at one of the recognized universities or institutes in the case of studying outside or inside Kuwait.

• The employee’s age must be between 30-45 years and he is required to study literary or theoretical specializations.

•The grade of the last academic qualification must be Excellent or Very Good and he must have obtained two last academic qualification reports of Excellence, However, if the grade of the last academic qualification is acceptable, he must have obtained 3 excellence reports and receives a study leave with half salary.

The Bureau pointed out that the delegation budget includes 26 government agencies affiliated with the Bureau, and the role of the Bureau is to coordinate with the cultural attachés in our embassies abroad to choose recognized universities and specializations according to the list of the National Academic Accreditation Authority.

Civil court added that the number of vacations and scholarships for the coming year will be determined according to the budget that will be approved by the Ministry of Finance, and reiterated that full-time study is required to study abroad or at Kuwait University, the colleges of the Public Authority for Applied Education, and local private universities.

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