The UAE announces a new decision regarding the fine for non-compliance with Emiratization

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has issued a warning to private sector establishments that employ 50 skilled employees or more against non-compliance with meeting the semi-annual Emiratization targets set for them. These targets amount to 1% of the total skilled workers registered with these establishments. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization emphasized that "there is only 24 days left for non-compliant establishments to Deadline for achieving Emiratization targets."

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Noting that, beginning on the first of the following month, every citizen who has not been appointed will be subject to a fine that starts at 42,000 dirhams, and the collection of this fine will begin. In an indicative video that was shared on the Ministry's official pages across various social media platforms, the Ministry confirmed that once the deadline for establishments to meet the localization targets has passed, the Ministry will initiate a review of the commitment of the targeted establishments, and it will impose additional financial contributions on establishments that do not meet the semi-annual 1% localization rate, in addition to the financial contributions that are already in place. Regarding the establishments that are not in compliance for the year 2022.

She explained that the new mechanism to achieve Emiratization targets aims to ensure the continuity of employment of citizens throughout the year, maintain their fulfilment rates in the private sector, and sustain the provision of job opportunities and offer vacancies on the "Nafes" platform throughout the year, in line with the pace at which job seekers register with the platform. These goals are in line with the pace at which job seekers register with the platform.

new decision regarding the fine for non-compliance with Emiratization in emirates

The purpose of the decision to implement localization

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called on employers in the private sector to participate in the Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Programme (Nafes) in order to assist the targeted establishments in achieving the required Emiratisation growth rates. This would be accomplished by supplying the targeted establishments with Emirati cadres who were qualified to work in skilled jobs. The Ministry also explained that the platform offers a package of support and incentives to distinguished establishments that achieve achievements. Quality in the training and employment of citizens, in accordance with the objectives of the "Nafes" programme, which includes joining the Emiratisation Partners Club, which raises the classification of the establishment to the first category, within the establishment classification system followed by the Ministry, and thus obtaining discounts of up to 80% on the Ministry's services. In addition, meeting the requirements of the "Nafes" programme will allow an establishment to join the "Nafes" programme.

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