Tropical Storm "Tej" threatens the security of Oman

The Subcommittee for Emergency Situations Management in Dhofar Governorate held a meeting today under the chairmanship of Brigadier General Salem bin Muhammad Al Ghaithi, Commander of the Governorate’s Police and Chairman of the Subcommittee, to discuss the governorate’s preparations for the development of the tropical situation “Tej”.

During the meeting, Omani Meteorology provided a brief overview of the tropical situation, it’s path, the amount of rain and the strength of the expected winds, in addition to providing pictures of numerical models of the situation.

The subcommittee discussed during a video call with Major General Assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs for Operations, Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Emergency Situations Management, stressing the harnessing of all efforts and capabilities to deal with the situation and emphasizing advance preparation to reduce the effects of the situation.

The Omani government called on all citizens and residents to follow the instructions of the concerned authorities from their official source during their transit, stressing the readiness of various sectors and harnessing all capabilities to limit their impact.

During the meeting, the Sub-Committee for Emergency Situations Management in Dhofar Governorate stressed the readiness of all sectors to limit the effects of the tropical situation “Tej” as follows:

The Ministry of Higher Education:

announced the suspension of studies on Sunday and Monday, corresponding to October 22 and 23, at Dhofar University, the Vocational College in Salalah, and private training institutions in Dhofar Governorate, provided that studies will resume on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Civil Defense and Ambulance:

Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Mohammed bin Hamoud Al Mahmoudi, Assistant Director General of Operations and Training at the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority, indicated that the Search and Rescue Sector and the Hazardous Materials Handling Sector are constantly following up on developments in the situation in coordination with the member agencies of the two sectors to harness capabilities and unify efforts, and he explained the need for citizens and residents to adhere to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities opreserve the safety of lives and property.

Commodities and markets:

Azad Al-Omari, Director of the Consumer Protection Department in Dhofar Governorate, stressed the stability of prices in the markets of Dhofar Governorate, with tightening control over markets and shops to monitor any violations and take the necessary legal measures against violators through field work teams in the states.

The Authority advised all consumers that the call center on the consumer line on its toll-free numbers (80077997 – 80079009) will work to receive reports against any violator.

Water Resources:

Engineer Ali bin Bakhit Bait Saeed, Director of the Directorate’s Water Resources Department, revealed in a statement to the Oman News Agency that the department’s specialized field teams carried out field visits to ensure the efficiency of the drainage gates and devices to monitor the retained water for the Salalah Dam to protect against flood risks, as well as the Sahalnut Dam for groundwater recharge.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority:

Today, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority expressed its full readiness to ensure continuity of service, given the possibility of the tropical situation in the Arabian Sea affecting the coasts of the Dhofar and Al Wusta Governorates, adding that the communications centers of the telecommunications companies operating in the Sultanate of Oman are activated to receive reports of outages in the event of any malfunctions in the network.

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