UAE: Around 20,000 students transition from private to public school

As the summer break draws to a close, nearly 300,000 students are set to return to UAE public schools on August 28, signaling the start of a new academic year.

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New Academic Year Brings Changes and Opportunities

This year, there has been a notable transition of around 20,000 students from private to government schools, marking a significant shift in the educational landscape.

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, highlighted the evolving educational ecosystem, characterized by rapid advancements. She acknowledged the intensifying competitiveness within the government education sector, attributing it to leadership support and vigilant oversight throughout the educational development journey. Vital practices aimed at honing students' skills and bolstering their capabilities in government schools have contributed to this momentum.

Over 23,000 educational professionals have commenced their official duties, ensuring a seamless start to the academic term. Comprehensive preparations have been executed to welcome students, with government schools across various cities demonstrating a 100% readiness level.

Strategic planning has been a key aspect, with a collaborative team established in March to formulate readiness plans for the academic year. Renovations and inaugurations of several schools across the country have enhanced infrastructure, placing a strong emphasis on facilities conducive to effective learning environments.

Academic Year Priorities

This academic year's focal points encompass the reinforcement of students' national identity and fostering proficiency in the Arabic language. Simultaneously, the curriculum is designed to amplify skills and knowledge in diverse fields of expertise, particularly mathematics and foundational learning at each stage. Early entry and early-stage engagement are also in focus, catering to students' comprehensive development.

Furthermore, expanded spaces will be dedicated to extracurricular activities, nurturing core competencies that are integral to the education process. These initiatives aim to cultivate essential skills essential for students' academic journey, in line with the UAE's commitment to providing quality education.

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