UAE Authorities Issue Warning Against Online Scammers target sellers

Authorities in the UAE have raised concerns regarding a new online scam tactic, urging residents to remain vigilant.

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Fraudsters target sellers on bank holidays

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) recently used Instagram to alert the public to scammers who manipulate online platforms by setting up fake buyer accounts to execute fraudulent transactions.

Typically, these scammers focus on individuals selling used bikes or devices items lacking official title deeds via websites. After creating fictitious accounts, they initiate communication with the sellers. Employing a well-timed strategy, they provide counterfeit cheques or other financial instruments on bank holidays, ensuring the sellers cannot deposit the cheque immediately.

However, This calculated move grants them the opportunity to receive the purchased item in a location devoid of CCTV cameras or surveillance devices, as emphasized by the ADJD.

A notable challenge in addressing this scam lies in prosecuting the culprits responsible for the fraudulent transactions.

In light of this growing threat, the ADJD has issued safety guidelines for residents:

  • Refrain from finalizing sale agreements involving cheques during official holidays.
  • Withhold delivery of the item until full payment has been received.

As the UAE grapples with emerging digital threats, it is crucial for residents to exercise caution when engaging in online transactions, especially during sensitive times like official holidays. By staying informed and adhering to these protective measures, individuals can mitigate the risk of falling victim to such fraudulent schemes.

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