UAE Embassy in Muscat Cautions Citizens About Cyclone Tej in Oman

As tropical cyclone Tej is predicted to make landfall in Oman today, Emiratis are asked to heed safety recommendations provided by competent authorities.

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Tropical Cyclone Tej approaches Oman

Due to the hazardous weather conditions caused by tropical cyclone Tej in the Arabian Sea, the UAE Embassy in Muscat has issued a warning to Emirati citizens living in Oman. The embassy stressed the need to follow local safety regulations and gave emergency contact information.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has categorized the brewing weather system, known as Tej, in the Arabian Sea as a "tropical cyclone Cat.1." This cyclone is expected to intensify into a "cyclonic storm" and is predicted to make landfall in Oman.

Oman has announced the temporary closure of Salalah port as of Sunday, 5 p.m. local time, as a precaution due to the impending cyclone. While the cyclone itself is not expected to directly impact the UAE, the NCM has stated that moisture from the Arabian Sea will result in the formation of cumulus clouds, accompanied by rainfall in parts of the UAE, until Tuesday.

Cyclone Tej's Path and Intensity

Numerical models and reports from regional hurricane monitoring centers suggest that Tej will deepen into Tropical Cyclone Cat 1 within the next 24 hours. The cyclone's path is anticipated to move west to northwest in the Arabian Sea, with wind speeds ranging from 100 to 145 km/h near its center.

UAE nationals visiting the Sultanate of Oman are advised to keep an eye on weather forecasts, exercise care, and get in touch with the UAE Embassy in case of emergencies. Please monitor local news and follow the instructions of local authorities for your safety.

For assistance or inquiries

You can contact the UAE Embassy in Muscat at the provided hotline numbers: 0097180024 or 0097180044444. Stay safe and be prepared for the effects of Cyclone Tej.

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