UAE retrieves Dh2.32M salary aid from Emiratis who took fake roles

There are sophisticated procedures in place to monitor organizations' compliance with Emiratisation rules.

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UAE Recovers Dh2.32M from Fake Jobs

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has successfully retrieved over Dh2.32 million from 107 UAE citizens who participated in fictitious roles within the private sector. These individuals were recipients of the Nafis programme, a federal initiative designed to facilitate Emiratis' employment in the private industry, offering salary support and additional advantages.

Ensuring Compliance and Authentic Employment

Mohre, through a well-established system, monitors companies' adherence to hiring Emiratis in genuine positions. This includes verifying that salaries are consistent with employment agreements documented within the Wage Protection System (WPS) and synchronized with pension funds across the UAE. Regular inspections and site visits further bolster the ministry's vigilance over companies employing UAE nationals.

Promoting Genuine Emiratisation

UAE law mandates that companies incorporate 2% Emirati employees in skilled capacities each year. The Nafis (Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council) initiative serves as a catalyst, connecting potential job-seekers with companies while providing financial support and incentives to amplify Emiratisation efforts within the private sector. Counterfeit Emiratisation, however, incurs fines, entailing the retrieval of all previously granted financial assistance. Violators may face penalties up to Dh100,000 per Emirati involved.

Confronting Sham Employment Practices

The concept of 'Fake Emiratisation' entails enrolling Emiratis in company records without substantive work, merely to capitalize on Nafis programme benefits. Mohre remains resolute in its commitment to legal measures against such instances.

Urging Vigilance and Reporting

The ministry underscores the importance of safeguarding the integrity of the Nafis programme. It cautions UAE citizens against the allure of fraudulent Emiratisation opportunities, urging them to report violations through various channels, including a dedicated hotline, the ministry's app, or website.

Enforcing Accountability and Honoring Commitments

Earlier this year, Mohre's proactive stance manifested as fines and sanctions were imposed on 436 companies engaged in false Emiratisation practices. The financial advantages associated with the Nafis programme were also curtailed for UAE nationals ensnared in these deceptive schemes. This multi-faceted approach reinforces both genuine employment opportunities and the nation's overarching development goals.

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