Zain provides job opportunities for recent graduates

Zain announced its participation in the second career opportunities exhibition hosted by the Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST), as part of its efforts to contribute to providing job opportunities in the private sector for recent graduates and national competencies.

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The opening ceremony of the exhibition, which was held on the university campus in the Doha area, witnessed the presence of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Dana Al-Mulla, and the College President, Dr. Khaled Al-Baqaeen, in addition to officials from the human resources and institutional relations sectors at Zain.

Many companies, bodies and institutions in the country participated in the exhibition, with a distinguished attendance by students, recent graduates and job seekers.

This participation came out of Zain's constant keenness to actively participate in job gatherings and fairs and to provide support to them in various public and private universities and colleges throughout the year within the framework of its human resources strategy.

Which in turn contributes to developing the educational process and providing job opportunities for young graduates to work in the private sector.

Zain explained its employment policy and the career opportunities available to it through its special pavilion at the exhibition, in addition to introducing visitors, students, graduates and job seekers to its pioneering experience in the telecommunications sector, being the leading company in the Kuwaiti market.

This is the second career fair organized by the Kuwait College of Science and Technology, and it was focused on the technical, technological and engineering specializations that are in line with the educational and academic qualifications offered by the college, in the presence of companies, bodies and institutions from the public and private sectors.

Targeted specializations:

The specializations targeted by the exhibition include electronics, communications, 5G technologies, computer science, cybersecurity, data analysis, application development, computer engineering, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and others.

Zain’s contribution to society:

As part of Zain's responsibility towards developing the youth community, the company participated and sponsored a wide range of programs and projects, including "Kuwaiti and Proud", which is a non-profit organization established to help young people establish their own projects.

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