iPhone 15 owners Warning: This car's wireless charger will destroy your phone

The NFC chip in the iPhone 15 became inoperable after being charged using the wireless charger that is fitted in recent versions of BMW vehicles. As a result, many users of the iPhone 15 have complained about a significant issue with wirelessly charging their phones while they are inside of their vehicles.

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Phone owners have expressed their outrage over this issue, as iPhone 15 phones enter data recovery mode and display a white screen. The NFC chip stops operating for no obvious reason after rebooting.

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It is also important to note that the near-field communication chip is required for some iPhone functions, such as making electronic payments through the "Apple Pay" service, using digital auto keys, and other similar functions.

Customers have complained that they are presented with an error message while attempting to set up the "Apple Pay" feature in the Wallet program, and there is currently no workable remedy to the issue.

Apple is repairing iPhones that were damaged as a result of the issue.
Several customers have reported that Apple replaced their afflicted iPhone 15 phones once it was confirmed that the NFC chip was faulty. However, the rebuilt iPhones were equally vulnerable to the same problem, leaving the customers without a solution.

Even while the majority of the complaints have come from people who own an iPhone 15 Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is possible that other recently released models of the iPhone are also affected.

The magnitude of the problem, the number of customers who were affected by it, the BMW models that were responsible for it, and the process that first caused it are all unclear at this time.

Do not use wireless iPhone 15 charging in new BMW vehicles

Until further information is acquired, drivers of BMWs are urged to refrain from wirelessly charging iPhone 15s.

Neither Apple nor BMW have issued a formal statement on the matter as of yet.

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