The UAE announces job vacancies in the health sector in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority has launched a new initiative called “Health Talents” with the aim of strengthening the private healthcare sector in the country by supporting the health sector with medical and administrative competencies and providing job opportunities in this field for citizens.

The implementation date for the “Health Talents” initiative at the Dubai World Trade Center:

The Dubai Health Authority has announced the date of the first edition of this high-quality exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center next Monday, and its implementation is contingent on the success of this event. More than a hundred job opportunities will be created in a wide range of medical and administrative fields throughout the two-day event. Which will be attended by representatives of 24 prominent healthcare institutions in the country. The authority also expects several major developments in the context of providing job opportunities for citizens.

Fields required for employment in the health field in Dubai:

The Authority indicated that the exhibition is expected to be attended by graduates of the Authority’s “Medicine and Science” scholarship program, in addition to graduates from a wide range of health-related fields such as nursing graduates, radiology and laboratory graduates, pharmacy graduates, physical therapy and health insurance graduates, medical equipment engineering graduates, and psychology graduates. And management graduates. The “Health Talents” initiative, which is implemented by the Authority’s Medical Education and Research Department, is part of a group of innovative initiatives aimed at providing a package of specialized job opportunities for national cadres and opening the way for these cadres to participate in raising the level of health care and raising the quality of the health care system in Dubai and participating in The ongoing development work that the system is suffering from in general, and this initiative reinforces the Emiratisation policy pursued by the Authority and takes greater steps towards achieving the goals of sustainable health and well-being in the Emirate of Dubai and achieving Dubai’s vision of becoming a global leader in the field of health care.

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