UAE announces New Savings Plan to Become a Millionaire in 3-10 Years

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a new savings and investment plan called "My One Million," through which investors can earn up to AED 1 million by the end of their investment term, regardless of when they start saving or investing.

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New UAE Plan Aims to Help Individuals and Corporations Accumulate AED 1 Million

National Bonds, a savings and investment company, has introduced this plan, catering to both individuals and corporations, with investment tenors ranging from three to 10 years. One of its unique features is the option for lump-sum investments.

Corporations Can Contribute, Enhancing Employee Retention

In a bid to foster employee retention, corporations can opt to contribute to this plan on behalf of their employees, whether partially or fully. This inclusion offers businesses a valuable tool to incentivize and engage their workforce in long-term financial planning.

Accessible Enrollment and Flexible Contributions

Participation in the 'My One Million' plan is made accessible through the National Bonds app or at any of the company's branches. Participants begin by selecting their preferred investment duration and then proceed to establish a monthly contribution. Additionally, there is an option for an initial lump-sum deposit, providing flexibility to meet individual financial goals.

Tailored Investment Plans to Achieve AED 1 Million

Depending on their chosen investment term, participants can tailor their monthly contributions accordingly. For example, for a 10-year investment plan, the required monthly contribution amounts to Dh7,160, resulting in total savings of Dh859,200 and an anticipated profit of Dh140,800, reaching a cumulative AED 1 million. Alternatively, a customer selecting a three-year plan will have a monthly contribution of Dh26,540, ultimately becoming a millionaire in just three years, with a net profit of Dh44,560.

Accelerated Path to Millionaire Status with Lump-Sum Deposits

To expedite the journey to AED 1 million, participants can choose to initiate their investment with a lump-sum deposit. For instance, starting with Dh100,000 for a 10-year plan, the required monthly contribution becomes Dh6,200 to reach the AED 1 million target by the end of the term.

Exclusive Access to Rewards Program

Subscribers to the 'My One Million' plan gain exclusive access to National Bonds' rewards program, valued at Dh35 million. This includes the opportunity to participate in a quarterly draw with a chance to win AED 1 million, adding an exciting incentive to the program.

The launch of this innovative plan exemplifies the commitment of National Bonds to empower individuals and businesses in the UAE to achieve their financial aspirations and secure a prosperous future.

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