Urgent.. Announcing the salary increase of employees in the Emirates during the month of May

A few hours ago, the Emirates Group announced the disbursement of a 24-week salary bonus with the salaries of the month of May for employees in the Emirates, after the group witnessed an increase in the percentage of profits and reaching record levels within one year.

Employees of the Emirates Group were eligible for a bonus as a reward for the company's achievement of record financial success during the fiscal year that concluded in March of last year.

Announcing the disbursement of a 24-week salary bonus for employees in the UAE

The prize is the equivalent of 24 weeks' worth of income, and it will be distributed among the employees of the group during the month of May according to the salary scale. After Emirates Airlines and dnata intensified their recruitment efforts in various parts of the world, the overall number of employees in the Emirates Group climbed by 20% to 102,379 employees. These individuals represent more than 160 different nationalities. During the course of the year, in order to facilitate the expansion of operations and improve the group's prospective capacities.

The Emirates Group
The Emirates Group

Reasons for increasing the salary of employees in the UAE and adding a 24-week salary bonus

The Emirates Group has just released its financial report for the fiscal year 2022/2023, in which it revealed that it will experience its highest level of profitability ever as a result of the robust demand across all of its companies. After suffering significant financial setbacks the previous year, the company has posted new highs for its annual earnings total. The report for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2023 showed that the Emirates Group achieved record profits of 10.9 billion dirhams (three billion US dollars), compared to losses amounting to 3.8 billion dirhams (one billion US dollars) in the previous year, and both Emirates Airlines and Dnata recorded significant increases in revenues as air transport and travel operations expanded after almost all pandemic-related restrictions were removed in various parts of the world.

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