Facebook and Instagram require users to pay 10€ euros per month for this thing

Large technology businesses in general and social networking sites in particular typically gather user data, such as measuring traffic, behavior, and interactions, and share this data with a third party; the third party is typically the advertising partner. Examples of this type of data collection include tracking traffic and interactions.

But all data is related to social platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. The practices of these companies affiliated with META have angered many users, especially after the recent crisis involving “Cambridge Analytica,” which resulted in the leaking of user data of the famous site.

Charge monthly fees from Facebook and Instagram

After recent European legislation related to personal data and targeted ads on social media sites, Meta Company, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, is preparing to impose monthly fees to prevent ads from being displayed to users.

Meta is scheduled to soon announce subscription formulas, according to what was revealed by the Wall Street Journal.

These subscriptions will be in exchange for eliminating the subscription of these users to extracting their data for personalized ads, which is an alternative solution to the increasingly strict privacy laws in the European Union.

Paying 10 euros per month to Facebook and Instagram users

According to what was published by the American newspaper, subscribers to this platform can pay about 10 euros per month in order to obtain accounts without ads on both Instagram or Facebook. This is for using the platform on a desktop computer, and for smart phones, the subscription value will be 13 euros.

The company is also scheduled to add sums of money in addition to each additional account, amounting to about 6 euros to their monthly bill.

Free accounts will contain ads

Meta will keep the free accounts as they are on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, but they will be shown personalized ads based on their browsing activity.

It is worth noting that Facebook collects about 52 thousand data points for each user. Users are enabled to subscribe to this group by default unless they cancel a consent form hidden in the help section of the app.

The ECJ mandates Facebook to protect users' privacy

It is important to note that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently stated that "Meta" must first get explicit authorization before collecting this data, and the court has given the platform until the end of November to comply with their ruling.

In the upcoming months, Meta plans to introduce a model known as SNA, which will be free of subscription fees. In response to a question posed by the Wall Street Journal, neither the Data Protection Commission nor the Brussels regulators offered any commentary on the idea.

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