Only these phones can use WhatsApp's artificial intelligence-powered stickers.

A new feature revealed by the WhatsApp instant messaging app, which is a feature for creating the stickers you want using artificial intelligence, within the options of the stickers section, but unfortunately, this feature will only be available for iPhone phones running the iOS operating system.

Create stickers with artificial intelligence on WhatsApp

The business that runs the account WhatsApp application, Meta, said that this version is currently an experimental version, and that application users can currently use this function by selecting the "Create" option when visiting the stickers part of the app.

following selecting the "Create" option, you will be prompted to provide the text description of the sticker, following which the application will generate a number of stickers based on your inputs using artificial intelligence algorithms, which you can immediately share within your chats.

According to Meta, the outcomes for stickers are ultimately determined by the description provided by the user, and the present results are excellent given that the feature is still in the testing stage.

This feature will also make label design easier than before, since you will not need to use any design programmes or other tools to create the labels you desire.

The feature is available for a limited number of phones

It is worth noting that this feature is now available to a small number of customers and will be expanded in the coming weeks. This capability is also likely to be released for Android operating systems in the near future.

It is also worth noting that Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, presently has the most powerful generative artificial intelligence model on the market, which is the Llama2 model, which competes with counterparts from Google and Microsoft, both of which are working with OpenAI.

Convert photos into stickers on WhatsApp

Users may now extract a topic from an image and paste it into a chat to make a personalised sticker with the new WhatsApp feature. When an image is pasted into WhatsApp, it is instantly converted into a sticker that can be added to the user's sticker collection, and some users may be able to use this function within the next few days.

All WhatsApp users with iPhones running iOS 16 will be able to use the functionality. There are currently no plans to extend a similar sticker creation tool to older iOS versions.

One advantage of including this function in the WhatsApp app is that it provides users with a more integrated experience. Previously, consumers had to hop between multiple programmes or tools to create and utilise their own stickers; now, people can create unique stickers from within the application, making the process faster and more simple. efficiency.

Create iPhone message stickers for use with iOS 17.

1- Open the Messages app on your iPhone running iOS 17, then hit the plus symbol to the left of the text box.

2- Tap on the sticker symbol (next to the modern clock icon) and select the "New Sticker" button to create a sticker, or tap on the Emoji or Memoji icons to use existing stickers.

3- Drag the sticker to the message and let go to position it. If you simply tap a sticker from the sticker drawer, you can send it as an emoji or text message.

You can also make stickers directly in the Photos app by long-pressing a topic in the photo, letting go, and then tapping Add Sticker.

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