12 medical examination centers for obtaining residence permits in Abu Dhabi

The Health Center in Abu Dhabi announced the identification of centers providing the medical examination services necessary to obtain a residence permit, as well as the types of examinations specified for expatriates, the fees for each type, and the documents required to be provided to obtain the service.

There are 12 medical examination centers in Abu Dhabi for the purpose of getting resident permits.

The Health Center in Abu Dhabi made an announcement on the types of medical examinations that are specified for expatriates, the fees associated with each type of examination, and the documents that are required to be provided in order to obtain the service. These announcements were made along with the identification of centers that provide the medical examination services that are necessary to obtain a residence permit.

Identifying 12 centers to provide medical examination services for obtaining residence permits in Abu Dhabi

Identifying 12 locations in Abu Dhabi that will be able to conduct medical examination services for the purpose of getting residence permits, The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center has identified 12 centers to conduct the medical examination to obtain or renew a residence permit in the city of Abu Dhabi. This highlights the endeavor of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to provide a sustainable and safe environment for all of its residents, including the provision of fundamental government services in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner. He explained that the examination and preventive health centers affiliated with the company Abu Dhabi Health Services “SEHA” to conduct the medical examination to obtain a residence permit in the city of Abu Dhabi, numbering 9 centers; They are: “Abu Dhabi Center, Elite Management Center in Khalidiya, Top Prestige Center in Musaffah, Baniyas Center, Etihad Airways Center for its employees, Al Mushrif Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Musaffah Center, and Al Shahama Center.” The center also mentioned that there are two other locations for examination located within the capital's centers. In addition to the medical examination facility located within Reem Hospital, the "Al Jazeera Club Center" and "Musaffah Centre" are also included among the Mubadala Healthcare Company's network of associated healthcare institutions.

Numbers to book an appointment at medical examination centers to obtain residency in Abu Dhabi

Telephone numbers to call in order to schedule an appointment at one of Abu Dhabi's medical examination centers in order to get residence, Customers can acquire additional information and schedule appointments by dialing the following numbers: 800500 for SEHA, 023111111 for Mubadala, and 8007444 for Reem Hospital.

Medical examination fees for obtaining residency in Abu Dhabi of various types

Fees associated with several types of medical examinations required to get residence in Abu Dhabi, The normal, the quick, and the special medical examinations are the three that have been listed by Seha's external medical services as being required for residency in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The prices for each of these tests range between 250 and 500 dirhams. The "normal" residency medical examination is described as having a cost of 250 dirhams, and additional fees of 50 dirhams are added on top of that. The cost of the rapid examination is 350 dirhams, with an additional 100 dirhams for the rapid examination fee on top of the regular examination fees, while the fees for the "special" examination, the results of which are issued within 24 hours, are 500 dirhams. The cost of the rapid examination varies according to the profession recorded in the residency issuance, which adds an additional 50 dirhams to the total. Other specific categories also add an additional 50 dirhams. In addition to the standard examination fee, which is 500 dirhams, there is a premium examination fee of 250 dirhams, and she brought up the fact that the pregnancy examination for female residents is priced at 50 dirhams.

Documents required to conduct a medical examination to obtain a residence permit in Abu Dhabi

In order to receive a residency permit in Abu Dhabi, you will need to provide certain documents and pass a medical check, She went on to say that in order to get a residency medical exam, expats need three things: "A valid passport and a copy of it, or the original ID card, a copy of the passport and residence permit, a valid residence visa or a valid entry visa for work or residence, in addition to valid health insurance for those holding a work or residence visa issued by other emirates."

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