4 expatriates were deported from the Emirates and forced to pay 500 thousand dirhams

imprisonment and deportation of a gang that stole 500,000 dirhams from a company employee in the naif area

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Four foreign nationals were ordered kicked out of the Emirates and made to pay a fine of half a million dirhams.

After convicting four foreign nationals of assaulting and threatening an employee of their employer and sending them to prison for a total of three years, as well as ordering them to pay 500,000 dirhams in restitution for property that was taken from them, the Dubai Court has decided to deport those foreign nationals from the Emirates.

Imprisonment and deportation of a gang that stole 500,000 dirhams from a company employee in the Naif area

Those involved in the theft of 500,000 dirhams from an employee of a company located in the Naif area have been arrested and deported, A trading enterprise in the Naif neighborhood of Dubai was robbed of 500,000 dirhams by a group of four people from Asia, in addition to other people who escaped the scene. They were found guilty of beating an employee and threatening to kill him by the Dubai Criminal Court, and each of them was sentenced to three years in jail. In addition, they were penalized jointly with the amount of money that was involved in the crime, and they were deported from the state once they had served their terms.

A gang robs a company employee in Dubai

In Dubai, a member of staff at a corporation is the victim of a robbery, The facts surrounding this case took place in April of last year, when an employee at the company where he worked submitted a report indicating that he had been assaulted, threatened with death, and that someone had stolen 500,000 dirhams from a safe in the building where he worked. According to the evidence of the victim, he was inside the business when he heard the ring of the doorbell and decided to open the door. Once inside, he noticed one of the accused and asked them the name of a person he was unfamiliar with. He responded by saying that they did not have someone with that name, and that they were about to close the door. However, the guy who had previously been named stopped him from doing so, and then forcibly forced the door open. After that, three other people entered and assaulted him. The victim proceeded by saying that he attempted to flee but was stopped by two other persons who brought him back into the business where he was then beaten and blasted with pepper spray. He had what appeared to be an unidentified chemical applied to his face. After that, one of them shocked him with an electric current on the neck and demanded the combination to the safe from him. Because he would not back down, they persisted in their assault on him. He was terrified of them and revealed the location of the key, which was hidden in one of the drawers. Using this information, they were able to steal half a million dirhams and escape.

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