A court ruling in the Emirates fined a man 20,000 dirhams for a car owner

Hours ago, the Al Ain Court issued a new judicial ruling obligating a man, a “garage owner,” to pay 20,000 dirhams to a car owner in the Emirates.

A man in the Emirates is required by the court system to make a payment of 20,000 dirhams to the owner of a car.

A fresh verdict was handed down by the Al Ain Court just a few hours ago that requires a guy known as a "garage owner" to make a payment of 20,000 dirhams to a person who owns a vehicle in the Emirates.

A court ruling fined a garage owner 20,000 dirhams for seizing a vehicle

A garage owner was handed a 20,000-dirham fine by a court for the illegal seizure of a vehicle, The Al Ain Court of First Instance issued a ruling that required a person who owns a garage to pay a sum of twenty thousand dirhams to another person who owns a car as compensation for the fact that the garage owner received 2,000 dirhams from the car's owner for the purpose of repairing his vehicle, but the garage owner did not carry out his agreement with the car's owner to repair the vehicle, seized it, and did not return it.

A garage owner seizes a car that he agreed to repair

A car shop proprietor takes possession of a vehicle that was supposed to be repaired by him, In the specifics, the owner of the vehicle referred to as the "plaintiff" filed a lawsuit against the owner of the garage referred to as the "defendant." At the conclusion of the lawsuit, the plaintiff requested that the defendant be required to pay the value of the vehicle in the amount of 85,000 dirhams, while simultaneously obligating him to compensate him in the amount of 20,000 dirhams, while simultaneously obligating him to pay fees and expenses. The owner of the car stated, in support of his claim, that he had transferred the vehicle to the defendant for the purpose of repair; however, the defendant had stolen the vehicle. As a consequence of this, the case was brought to the attention of the supervising judge, who made the decision to delegate the performance of the mission outlined in the terms of the assignment decision to an engineering expert who specialized in the field of vehicle maintenance.

Al Ain Court ruling against a garage owner who seized a car that did not belong to him

A garage owner who illegally took a vehicle that did not belong to him was found guilty by the Al Ain Court, After conducting a thorough examination of the vehicle, the engineering expert discovered that it had been seized by the authorities but was otherwise undamaged. It was discovered that the defendant had custody of the vehicle at issue in the case for a period of one month, which is one of the grounds for the action. The judge stated that the expert had demonstrated in his report that the car that is the subject of the complaint was at the police station. The court explained that this was confirmed by the expert. In his additional report, he also said that the plaintiff had received the vehicle and had it recovered, which led to the plaintiff suing the defendant for the value of the automobile despite the fact that there was no evidence to show that the plaintiff had received the vehicle. The proprietor of the garage was ordered to pay a compensation fee of 20,000 dirhams, despite the fact that the judge did not order him to pay the price of the car.

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