A Dh1,000 fine is imposed in Abu Dhabi for abrupt swerving

The Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists against sudden swerving on the roads to a Dh1,000 punishment.

Abu Dhabi: Drivers have been urged by the Abu Dhabi Police to avoid abrupt swerving on the highways, as this behavior has been linked to serious traffic incidents.

As part of the "Your Comment" campaign, the police and the Monitoring and Control Center have released a film highlighting an accident caused by an abrupt lane change to highlight how serious this problem is.

Light vehicles that disregard the required lane may be fined Dh400, per Article No. 86 of the revised executive regulations of Traffic Law No. 178. More importantly, sudden swerving of a vehicle is punishable under Article 29 with a fine of Dh 1000 and four traffic points.

Drivers are advised by the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols to drive cautiously and refrain from rash actions such abrupt turns and inappropriate overtaking.

Additionally, drivers were cautioned against making rash lane changes that could endanger the safety of other road users and to wait until the road is clear before overtaking or changing lanes. They were also instructed to follow the required lane when following a designated route.

Police have cautioned people to approach intersections carefully and advised them that changing lanes abruptly can be extremely dangerous.

The police issued a warning, saying, "Sudden lane changes, especially when approaching traffic lights, are a dangerous behavior that compromises the driver's safety and puts his life and the lives of other motorists at risk."

In order to warn drivers about the risks of abrupt swerving and how to change lanes properly, the police also posted a video clip on social media.

Additionally, the officials urged drivers to pay attention to their surroundings and stay away from distractions that could cause them to lose control of their cars.

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