A Dubai court orders an expatriate to pay 2,000 dirhams in compensation to a woman due to breach of trust

The Dubai Court recently issued a judicial ruling obligating an expatriate of Arab nationality to pay 2,000 compensation to a woman due to breach of trust and his seizure of a sum of money that the woman had entrusted him with.

A breach of trust claim brought by a lady results in a Dubai court ordering an expatriate to pay her 2,000 dirhams in compensation.

Due to a breach of trust and his seizure of an amount of money that the lady had entrusted him with, the Dubai Court has recently issued a judicial order that requires an expatriate of Arab nationality to pay a woman a sum of money equal to 2,000 in compensation for the breach of trust.

An Arab expatriate in the UAE embezzles 12 thousand dirhams from a woman

A woman loses 12,000 dirhams due to the theft committed by an expatriate Arab living in the UAE, The Dubai Court of Appeal affirmed a verdict from a lower court that found an Arab man guilty of stealing 12,000 dirhams that had been entrusted to him by an Arab woman as a trust. The guy was sentenced to pay a fine of 2,000 dirhams and was given an Arab nationality. The Public Prosecution has accused the defendant of committing the crime of breach of trust by stealing movable property that was given to him as a proxy, to the injury of the person who had the legal right to the property.

Dubai Court punishes a man for embezzling 12 thousand dirhams

A man was found guilty of stealing 12,000 dirhams and received a sentence from the Dubai Court, The accused person challenged the decision of the court of first instance, which had determined in their absence that they should spend one month in jail. The verdict of the court was that the opposition should be accepted in form, but it should be rejected in content. The court also decided to uphold his conviction, but it changed the sentence from jail to a fine of 2,000 dirhams instead. The accused person did not agree with the decision that was made initially, so he took his case to the court that hears appeals. He rejected the charge, argued that the papers did not contain any evidence of his guilt, and asked that he be acquitted; nonetheless, the Court of Appeal came to the conclusion that the elements of the crime against him were proved, and they affirmed the verdict from the first instance.

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