A gang extracts credit cards in the names of bank account holders and markets their money in the Emirates

Complaints have recently increased about the presence of a gang that extracts credit cards in the names of bank account holders and steals their money in the Emirates. In recent hours, the Emirati police have announced the details of the arrest of the credit card gang that was seizing the money of bank account holders in the Emirates. This gang consists of a number of Individuals of expatriates of diverse nationalities.

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A criminal organization steals the credit card information of those who have bank accounts and then resells the information in the Emirates.

In recent months, there has been an increase in the number of complaints regarding the existence of a gang in the Emirates that takes credit cards out of the names of bank account holders and steals their money. A credit card gang that was taking the money of bank account holders in the Emirates has been apprehended, and the Emirati police have just published the specifics of the arrest in the past few hours. This gang is made up of a variety of individuals of different nationalities who have been living abroad.

Emirati police announce details of the arrest of the credit card gang

Details of the arrest of the credit card gang are announced by the police in the Emirates, Brigadier Juma Khalfan Al Muhairi, the Deputy Director of the Al Raffa Police Station, disclosed that a group of people of various nationalities had filed a report alleging that they had been the victims of fraud and deception perpetrated by people of Asian nationality. These individuals had allegedly obtained bank cards in the victims' names and seized the money that was contained on the cards. The victims discovered this information through letters that they had recently received from banks demanding that they make payment.

A gang issues salary certificates to issue credit cards to steal money

A criminal organization uses fake salary certificates to get credit cards and then uses those credit cards to steal money, According to Al Muhairi, the Al Raffa Police Station recorded several complaints from people against others, who seized sums in their names from banks. Search efforts were immediately intensified, which resulted in the arrest of a group of people of Asian nationality who devised a new trick to lure their victims, as they were convincing their victims to issue certificates. Al Muhairi said that the arrests of these individuals led to the recovery of the stolen funds. Salaries in order for them to be able to obtain credit cards and personal loans with specific credit limits; once they have these, they utilize the credit cards and then seize the money that is on the cards.

Credit card gang arrested in the UAE

Credit card gang busted up in the United Arab Emirates, He went on to say that the suspects were apprehended following extensive investigation, study, tracking down the suspects, and drawing conclusions to discover the location of the criminals who committed the crime. It was discovered that they were present within the jurisdiction. Additionally, other operations and the entry of enormous sums of money with unknown provenance were uncovered. They were apprehended as soon as they could be located. They had a total of 65,000 dollars, along with 96 credit cards and 49 checkbooks in their possession. a dirham worth of cash, in addition to twenty-two passports, twenty-one identity cards, the seals of numerous different businesses, a number of telephone SIM cards, and several phones. On each phone is written the customer number of the person to whom the bank card was issued in their name.

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