A man loses more than 28 thousand dirhams when obtaining a work visa in the Emirates

A young man suffered a loss of more than 28 thousand dirhams when obtaining a work visa in the Emirates due to a fraudster deceiving him and deceiving him, who deluded him of the possibility of obtaining work visas in the Emirates for his relatives.

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A young man spends more than 28,000 dirhams more than he has to in order to secure a work visa in the Emirates.

A young guy lost more than 28,000 dirhams when he attempted to secure a job visa in the Emirates as a result of a fraudster who deceived him and deceived him, who misled him of the possibilities of acquiring work visas in the Emirates for his relatives. The young man was led to believe that he could obtain work visas in the Emirates for his relatives.

A young man pays 28 thousand dirhams for fake work visas in the Emirates

A young man gives a middleman in the Emirates the sum of 28,000 dirhams in order to obtain bogus work visas, A young man paid another man 28,600 dirhams with the expectation that the man would be able to get work visas for his relatives. However, the young man later found out that he had been taken advantage of by a con artist. In the meantime, the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court came to the conclusion that the defendant was required to compensate the plaintiff for the material and moral harm he had sustained by paying him a sum equal to 33,600 dirhams. This was the court's decision. He felt its impact.

A lawsuit against a fraudster who steals the money of those who want to obtain work visas

A legal action brought against a con artist who swindles people out of their money in order to get work permits, A young man filed a lawsuit against an adult male, in which he demanded that the adult male be obligated to pay him 28,600 dirhams, in addition to material and moral compensation worth 22,000 dirhams, and interest at 5%, in addition to obliging him to pay fees, expenses, and attorney's fees, indicating that the defendant seized the property. The details of the lawsuit indicate that the adult male was the one who took possession of the property. The sum of the claim was collected by fraudulent methods after the defendant tricked the plaintiff into believing that he could secure many visas for his relatives, at which point the plaintiff gave the defendant money; nevertheless, the defendant's scheme was eventually uncovered, and he was found guilty of criminal activity. The court found the con artist guilty and sentenced him to pay back not only the money he stole from the victim but also monetary compensation of 5,000 thousand Dirham. Creating an obligation on his part to pay the fees and expenses.

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