A man was arrested for blackmailing women in the UAE and exploiting the Snapchat application

The security authorities in the Emirate of Sharjah were able to arrest a man who blackmails women and uses the Snapchat application to communicate with them, promoting “massage” at a low price to blackmail them.

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In the United Arab Emirates, a man was detained on charges of blackmailing women and abusing the Snapchat application.

A man who blackmails women and uses the Snapchat application to interact with them in order to blackmail them has been apprehended by the security services in the Emirate of Sharjah. The man was offering "massage" at a low price in order to blackmail the women.

Sharjah Police arrests an expatriate who blackmails women

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Sharjah Police was successful in apprehending a suspect who was soliciting female customers through one of the social media channels by offering home massage services at pricing that were enticing to those customers. This is being done with the intention of extorting money from individuals through the use of threats and blackmail.

Fraud by unlicensed massage centers in the Emirates

Embezzlement by massage facilities in the Emirates that are not licensed, The information that was received in the operations room indicated that there was a suspect of Arab nationality in his forties who was promoting home offers for a "unlicensed massage center" at a low price of up to 100 dirhams. He did this by using the application "Snapchat" to communicate with the victims. In more detail, the information that was received indicated that there was a suspect of Arab nationality in his forties. The competent security teams moved quickly and carried out an elaborate ambush after confirming that the information they had received was accurate. During the ambush, the specified location was raided, the person was caught red-handed, he immediately confessed to his crime, and the case was referred to the authorities who are responsible for handling such matters.

Warning Sharjah Police to protect against fraudsters' methods

Warning to the Sharjah Police to protect against the methods used by fraudsters, The Sharjah Police General Command notes that fraudsters use a variety of methods to lure victims into purchasing unlicensed massage center cards in the emirate. These methods include distributing the cards at random in the streets, placing them on the doors of vehicles, or promoting them through fake accounts on social media application platforms. If the victim responds to those services, the fraudsters will take advantage of the situation. It is possible to lure and catch illegal women by capturing them engaging in immoral behavior, followed by blackmailing and threatening them in order to gain financial compensation. She also cautioned of the implications of responding to such illegal offers and their ramifications, as dealing with them puts one at risk of legal accountability, in addition to the possibility of putting one at risk of crimes such as theft or blackmail. She said this because reacting to such offers puts one at risk of both of these outcomes. It requests that members of the community work together and immediately report any advertisements that are identical or that violate the law.

Numbers for reporting fraud and extortion cases in Sharjah

In Sharjah, the following numbers should be used when reporting instances of fraud and extortion: In the name of social responsibility, the Sharjah Police Department is appealing to all members of the public to assist in the upkeep of the city's safety and tranquility, to collaborate with other law enforcement authorities, and to phone the following hotlines with any relevant information: Najid Service can be reached at (800151) if there is any surveillance or suspicion of any conduct that breaches the law, as well as if there is any exposure to fraud or threats. If you have any information regarding any criminal phenomena or incidents, please provide it via the toll-free number (80040). In the case of electronic crimes, please call promptly on the number (065943228), or using the WhatsApp application (0559992158).

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