A new warning to parents of students in UAE schools against wrongful behavior punishable by imprisonment and a fine

A new, important warning was issued a few hours ago to all parents of students in UAE schools, after some inflammatory messages, rumors, and fake information spread on groups of students’ families.

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A new warning to all parents of students in UAE schools

A further caution to all parents whose children are enrolled in schools in the UAE, After certain incendiary comments, rumors, and false information propagated on groups of students' families in the UAE, a new and urgent warning was just given a few hours ago to all of the parents of kids who attend schools in the UAE.

Private schools warn against rumors being circulated on “groups” of students’ families

The spread of stories about "groups" of students' families is something that private schools strongly discourage, Private schools in Abu Dhabi have issued a warning to parents' groups that they should stop spreading rumors about the schools on social media without first verifying the information or consulting with school officials. This puts those in charge of the parents' groups at risk of facing legal repercussions, while school administrators and teachers have described the parents' groups as becoming a "chronic headache." It went in a different direction than what appeared to be its intended course.

Private schools in the Emirates warn against spreading false information

Private educational institutions in the Emirates caution against the dissemination of incorrect information, Specifically, private schools in Abu Dhabi have sent letters to the families of their students, requesting that they ask their children not to believe certain rumors that have been spread through groups of their children's families on various social media programs and platforms. These rumors are not founded on any real information but rather on hearsay and the transmission of undocumented news, both of which contribute to the confusion that has been caused in the educational sector.

Punishment for inflammatory posts on groups of students’ families

Repercussions for inciting conflict through posts made on student families' groups, In their letters, the schools indicated that they had monitored posts made by students' families on WhatsApp groups and on unofficial social media pages and platforms, which are not authorized by the school. These posts are characterized as inflammatory information because they are promoted in the public domain, and they are inconsistent with the law regarding social media in the country. The Emirates issued a warning, stating that putting information that could potentially incite violence into the public domain puts the owner of that information at risk of being held legally accountable. As a result, the school will have the right to take any measures necessary to protect its rights and its academic reputation, and the punishment could range from extremely large fines to even imprisonment.

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