A plane's take off was delayed for two hours due to a mosquito attack

The take-off of a passenger plane was delayed for two hours from the airport due to a mosquito attack on passengers inside the plane, despite continued attempts by passengers and crew to expel it outside.

The takeoff of an airplane was held up for two hours because of a mosquito infestation.

The takeoff of a passenger plane was delayed from the airport by two hours owing to a mosquito attack on passengers within the plane, despite repeated attempts by passengers and crew to expel it outside the plane. The attack occurred despite the fact that passengers and crew were trying to expel it outside the plane.

A plane was delayed for two hours due to mosquitoes

The presence of mosquitoes caused a plane to be late by two hours, Infestations of mosquitoes in the passenger cabin caused a delay of more than two hours for an aircraft that was supposed to depart from Guadalajara and head to Mexico City. According to UPI, the flight number VOI221 for Volaris was supposed to take off the day before yesterday at 4:30 p.m. local time; however, the trip was canceled. This take-off was delayed till 6:59 pm while the cabin crew and passengers attempted to get rid of the mosquitoes that had heavily infiltrated the plane. The take-off was originally scheduled for 6:59 pm.

A video clip of passengers inside the plane during a mosquito attack

A video clip showing passengers on the plane when it was being attacked by mosquitoes, The video clip was captured by the passengers on board the aircraft, and it depicts attempts to eject or drive away mosquitoes using books and papers, as well as an attempt to kill some of them, as the flight attendants and flight attendants spray insect repellent in the aisle of the aircraft. In the end, the crew was successful in removing the mosquitoes, or at least the majority of them, using the time-honored method of shutting off the cabin lights, which... Prompted the mosquito swarms to leave the plane in the direction of the outside light.

Reasons for mosquitoes attacking aircraft at Guadalajara International Airport

At Guadalajara International Airport, some of the reasons why mosquitoes attack aircraft are as follows: According to the agency, this is not the first time that customers have reported experiencing this issue with their travels. A plane that was traveling the same routes some years ago was also held up for the same reasons. Officials have stated that the fact that Guadalajara International Airport is situated in regions that are prone to flooding and have a lot of thick vegetation makes it susceptible to attacks like these since the ground in those locations is perfect for the breeding of mosquitoes.

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