A resident in the UAE was fined for offensive statements and behaviour

The Ras Al Khaimah Court issued a judicial ruling requiring a UAE resident to be fined 8,000 dirhams due to offensive statements and actions he made during a virtual session, intending to insult another person with these actions.

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A person in the UAE was fined 8,000 dirhams for making and acting in an insulting way.

According to a court decision from Ras Al Khaimah, a UAE resident should be fined 8,000 dirhams for making offensive comments and actions during a virtual session with the intent to insult someone.

A fine of 8,000 dirhams due to inappropriate behavior during a virtual session

Eight thousand dirhams in fines for bad behavior during a video session, During a virtual meeting, a man from the Gulf made an offensive move and insulted one of the other people there. The Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court of First Instance said that the defendant had to pay the plaintiff 8,000 dirhams to make up for the material and moral harm he caused. He also had to pay fees, expenses, and attorney's fees. This was because the defendant broke public morals and modesty by moving his hand in a way that was not appropriate while using the internet during a virtual session with the plaintiff. He also called the plaintiff names that were rude and made other people look down on him, which was an insult. The court of first instance said that the accused had to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams and give the victim 1,000 dirhams as an interim payment. But the person who was charged appealed the decision, and the Court of Appeal decided that the fine should be less heavy. He also made an appeal against the cassation, but the court said it would only accept the appeal's form and not its content. This meant that the defendant was found guilty and the decision was final.

A man sues another after abusing him with words and gestures

After being abused with words and actions, a man sues another, In the claim statement, the plaintiff said, "because of the material and moral harm he suffered because of the immoral act committed against him by the defendant, his spending of money he didn't need to, his frequent trips to the police station and the Public Prosecution, his hiring of a lawyer to prove his claim, and the harm he suffered." because of the insults and ridicule he received and the pain and grief they caused him, he wants the defendant to be ordered to pay him twenty thousand dirhams to make up for the material and moral harm he suffered and to pay the case fees and costs. Concerning the reasoning behind a first-instance civil court ruling, it said that the criminal ruling that found the defendant guilty was now final after the Court of Cassation's decision on appeal. This means that the civil court has to follow the criminal court's decision, which was based on facts. This decision was needed because the defendant did something wrong by insulting the plaintiff, so there is a causal link. Between the mistake the defendant was blamed for and the harm the plaintiff suffered, both in terms of money and dignity. She also said that the plaintiff had to pay extra money for things like being questioned by police, investigations by the Public Prosecution, hiring a lawyer to defend him, photocopying court papers, and starting the civil prosecution. These were all costs that the defendant caused by his actions, which the court sees as the material damage he suffered. The court thinks that the request for money should be worth 4,000 dirhams.

Ras Al Khaimah Court punishes a man who insulted another man with offensive words and gestures

A man who used rude words and actions to insult another man is punished by the Ras Al Khaimah Court, She said that the request for compensation for moral damage includes anything that hurts someone's honor and reputation or hurts his affection, feelings, and feelings. She also said that the defendant's unethical hand gesture toward the plaintiff while he was in a virtual session of expertise was offensive because it was an insult to him and was of the same nature. In order to make him feel sad, humiliated, contemptuous, and like his dignity had been violated, the court said that the plaintiff's request for compensation for moral damage was on its way. The court estimated that the plaintiff would be owed 4,000 dirhams in compensation, so the defendant was ordered to pay the plaintiff 8,000 dirhams in material and moral compensation for the harm he suffered. It's also literary, and he has to pay the costs of the case and the lawyer's fees.

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