petrol price in uae october 2023.. The price of 98 gasoline rises to 3.44 dirhams

A slight increase in prices was witnessed in petrol price in uae october 2023, which is the fourth increase that prices have witnessed from an unprecedented rise in more than 7 months.

uae petrol price october 2023 are scheduled to be implemented in the Emirates starting from October 1, 2023, according to what the distribution companies announced for the new prices, in addition to the value-added tax, which amounts to 5%.

petrol price in uae october 2023

  • The price of a liter of 98 gasoline reached 3.44 dirhams instead of 3.42 dirhams.
  • The price of a liter of 95 gasoline is 3.33 dirhams instead of 3.31 dirhams.
  • The price of a liter of “Gasoline 91” reached 3.26 dirhams instead of 3.23 dirhams.
  • uae petrol price october 2023 a liter of diesel reached 3.57 dirhams instead of 3.40 dirhams.

It is worth noting that fuel prices in the Emirates for the month of January 2023 recorded the largest rate of decline in an entire year, after reaching their highest levels in July 2022, reaching about 4.52 dirhams ($1.23) per liter of gasoline, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Gas prices in the UAE for October 2023

A gas cylinder weighing 11 kilograms costs about 36.75 UAE dirhams.

A gas cylinder weighing 22 kilograms costs about 68.25 UAE dirhams.

fuel price in uae october 2023

It is also important to note that the Petroleum Derivatives Pricing Committee in the Emirates reviews and analyzes these aspects on a regular basis, and then uses that information to make monthly adjustments to the cost of fuel.

as the Emirates seeks to maintain gasoline and diesel price levels within certain limits, to achieve a balance between oil prices and the income levels of citizens and residents in the country, including Maintains an appropriate standard of living for everyone.

It is noteworthy that despite the state's efforts to control fuel price in uae october 2023 is, according to a previous survey carried out by the specialized energy platform, one of the highest Arab countries in terms of the price of gasoline. This is one of the reasons why the situation is noteworthy.

UAE natural gas costs

The UAE wants to reduce fuel emissions, so ADNOC sells natural gas at a lower price than petroleum prices to encourage drivers to switch to gas. Gas prices have been fixed since March 2017.

Natural gas for cars: 1.40 dirhams/cubic meter

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