A statement from Dubai Police and Abu Dhabi Police to vehicle drivers

In an effort to improve road safety, the Abu Dhabi Police Department has encouraged motorists to take advantage of a new program that allows them to display an additional number plate on the base of the bicycle rack in the trunk of their vehicles carrying bicycles. This is done so that drivers do not commit the traffic infraction of covering the vehicle's license plate, for which they will be fined.

Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Breik Al-Amri, head of Abu Dhabi Police's Central Operations Sector's Directorate of Drivers and Vehicles Licensing, emphasized the force's eagerness and interest in protecting the environment and protecting bicyclists from traffic tickets.

He emphasized the Abu Dhabi Police's eagerness to intensify traffic control by pointing out that Article No. 27 "B" of Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control rules and procedures specifies the punishment for those who commit acts that may lead to "lack of clarity of vehicle plate numbers with a fine of 400 dirhams." And take all necessary action under the Federal Traffic Law to punish any vehicle that is not properly displaying its license plate numbers.

Dubai Police distributes children's car seats for free

In the first ten months of this year, the Dubai Police General Traffic Department recorded 47 traffic accidents that resulted in the death of two children and injured 45 others with varying injuries. These accidents were attributed to risky driving practices, such as hugging children or letting those younger than ten or shorter than 145 cm sit in the front seat.

The government has begun a campaign called "Children's Seat, Safety and Reassurance"to safeguard kids from harm on the road by getting parents to understand the significance of using child safety seats. As part of the program, complimentary child safety seats were given out to families on different blocks.

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, confirmed that the safety of children and protecting them from the dangers of traffic accidents is a top priority, and he urged parents to follow the law and place child seats in the appropriate locations in their vehicles.

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