A traffic campaign from Ajman Police for all drivers on UAE roads

The Emirate of Ajman Police has activated a traffic campaign for all drivers on UAE roads, which is a traffic campaign entitled The safety of your vehicle is your safety.

A promotion for all drivers in the United Arab Emirates that is being run by the Ajman Police.

It has been announced by the Police Department of the Emirate of Ajman that they would be launching a traffic campaign for all drivers operating vehicles throughout the United Arab Emirates. The campaign will be themed "The safety of your vehicle is your safety."

Ajman Police implements the “Your Vehicle’s Safety is Your Safety” campaign for drivers

The "Your Vehicle's Safety is Your Safety" campaign is one that the Ajman Police Department does specifically for motorists, As part of the primary campaigns that have been approved by the Federal Traffic Council for the year 2023, the Ajman Police General Command, which is represented by the Traffic and Patrols Department, has just completed the third quarterly campaign under the slogan "The safety of your vehicle is your safety." This campaign lasted for a total of three months and was carried out by the Traffic and Patrols Department. The overall goal of the campaign was to make it possible to travel safely while utilizing modern traffic systems.

Reasons for activating your vehicle safety emirate from your safety

The following are some of the reasons why you should activate the safety features of your vehicle: According to Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Humaid bin Hindi, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Ajman Police, the campaign's objective is to educate drivers and other road users about taking preventive measures for vehicle safety, ensuring the safety of its tires, adhering to periodic inspection, and the importance of drivers adhering to traffic laws and regulations, pointing out the importance of regular maintenance. of the vehicle and replacing damaged parts, and regular vehicle inspections. WAM).

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