A traveler was arrested at Dubai Airport due to her visa

The document inspection center at Dubai Airport proved that the documents of a female traveler were incorrect after an employee at Dubai Airport suspected the validity of her visa while she was heading to Europe.

Due to issues with her visa, a passenger was detained at Dubai International Airport.

After an employee at Dubai International Airport had doubts about the legitimacy of a female passenger's visa as she was departing for Europe, the document inspection facility at Dubai International Airport was able to provide conclusive evidence that the passenger's documents were fraudulent.

A female traveler was arrested when she tried to leave with a fake Schengen visa

When a female visitor attempted to exit the country while in possession of a fraudulent Schengen visa, she was detained, An aviation worker at Dubai International Airport had a role in the detention of an African passenger who was attempting to exit the country while in possession of a fraudulent Schengen visa. He took note of the fact that she had booked a ticket to Europe that would take her through a number of transit stations, one of which being Dubai, despite the fact that she could have traveled directly to her destination. Because he had doubts about the legitimacy of the visa, he inquired as to the reason why. She did so, and his conviction was enhanced when she claimed to be ignorant of the language, so he forwarded the passport to the proper authorities to certify that it was forged. She lied about her knowledge of the language. The specifics of the case stated - as was confirmed by the court and satisfied its conscience - that the accused was caught as soon as she departed the UAE for Turkey via Dubai International Airport, utilizing her original passport. This information was included in the case because it was stated in the details of the case. It was accompanied with a fraudulent Schengen visa. After analyzing her itinerary, he discovered that she traveled to her final destination via a number of different transfer points, despite the fact that there were direct flights available at prices comparable to those of the transfers. She said that she did not speak English when he asked her why she did not do it and he questioned her further. In light of the fact that he has knowledge about persons traveling through a certain city to enter Europe on a fraudulent visa, he started having second thoughts about the legitimacy of the visa.

Penalty for traveling with a fake visa on transit flights in Dubai

On transit flights through Dubai, the penalty for traveling with a phony visa is as follows: The accused woman was referred to the competent department at Dubai Airport, and from there to the Public Prosecution, which charged her with participating with another unknown person in forging an unofficial document, and using it with knowledge of its forgery, and referred her to the misdemeanor court, which ruled her imprisonment for two weeks, her deportation from the country, and the destruction of the page containing the visa. She was also ordered to destroy the page containing the visa. Made up.

A woman traveling with a forged visa is tried after she was arrested at Dubai Airport

After being apprehended at Dubai International Airport, a woman who was traveling with a falsified visa will stand trial, During the course of the investigation being conducted by the Public Prosecution, the accused was questioned by investigators, during which time she denied the charge that was being brought against her. She stated that while she was attempting to leave the country through Dubai Airport with her passport, heading to Turkey and from there, as the trip had planned, to her destination, and when she arrived at the boarding gate, she presented her passport to the employee, and she was arrested under the pretext that the visa was forged, and the woman said that The court stated in the reasoning behind its decision that it believed, based on the facts of the case, that the accused did not resort to the proper procedures followed to obtain the visa through the authorities that were entrusted to her to do so, but rather agreed with an unknown person to forge it, and tried to use it to leave if it were not for the acumen of the employee working in aviation security. This was stated in the merits of the court's decision.

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