A traveler was arrested upon his arrival in the Emirates and tried for a game on social media

The UAE authorities arrested a traveler upon his arrival in the Emirates and put him on trial after he was involved in a crime due to a game on social networking sites.

Upon his arrival in the Emirates, a traveler was taken into custody and questioned about his involvement in playing on social media platforms.

After a tourist was involved in a criminal activity as a result of a game that was played on social networking sites, the police in the United Arab Emirates arrested him upon his arrival in the Emirates and placed him on trial.

An Arab is involved in a crime because of a game on “Snapchat”

As a result of playing a game on "Snapchat," an Arab is embroiled in a criminal activity, It was discovered that an Arab individual was involved in a peculiar crime of its kind when he was discovered to be in possession of one hundred fake United States dollar bills while he was entering the country through the Hatta border crossing. In spite of the fact that the man admitted to being aware of the fact that these bills were counterfeited, he stated that he had no intention of using them or promoting them, and that he had purchased them from another individual. In order to have some fun, he went to tourist markets in Turkey to play with, take pictures of, and publish on his Snapchat account.

An expatriate is tried in the UAE due to a game on social networking sites

A social networking site game is the reason why an expatriate is being tried in the United Arab Emirates, In Dubai, the accused was referred to the Public Prosecution, which then referred him to the Criminal Court on allegations of importing counterfeit banknotes into the nation. The criminal court is responsible for bringing the accused to justice. The court of first instance sentenced him to a period of incarceration lasting six months, with the possibility of his sentence being suspended for a period of three years, and deported from the country. Nevertheless, he filed an appeal against the decision before the Court of Appeal, which ultimately reversed the decision and declared that he was exonerated of all charges. In response to his inquiry, he came to the conclusion that the items in question were toys that he had purchased from a market in Turkey with the intention of utilizing them in games, photographing them, and posting posts about them on his account. As he returned with those papers in his possession, he pointed out that the accused had taken out a paper. He had transported them through Dubai Airport, then put them in his car, and then left with them for a country that was nearby. It was another item from the same category that he pulled out of his pocket and handed to him.

The ruling of the Dubai Court of Appeal in the case of fake dollars related to a game on Snapchat

The decision that was handed down by the Dubai Court of Appeal in the matter of bogus dollars that were associated with a game on Snapchat, Following the investigation of the case, the court of first instance made a decision in his presence to assign the accused a sentence of imprisonment for a period of six months, to confiscate the counterfeit currencies that were found, and to deport him from the state for the reasons that were assigned to him. The court issued an order that the execution of the prison sentence be put on hold for a period of three years beginning with the final verdict. Before the Court of Appeal, the accused individual filed an appeal against the decision that was made. Which explained in the merits of its ruling, that it reassures the defendant’s defense that he possessed those cards with the intention of playing and photographing them on social media networks, and his intention was not to promote them or deal with them inside or outside the country, and the case papers were devoid of any evidence to the contrary, and it ended. that the initial ruling be overturned and the accused be found not guilty.

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