A warning to workers in the Emirates of a fine of 500 thousand dirhams due to social networking sites

Some jurists have issued an important warning to families and domestic workers in the Emirates of a fine of 500,000 dirhams due to social networking sites if the domestic worker posts pictures or a live broadcast showing the family she works for.

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A warning has been issued to employees in the Emirates that they risk a punishment of 500,000 dirhams and perhaps jail if they use social networking sites.

Some jurists in the Emirates have issued an important warning to families and domestic workers in the country concerning the possibility of a fine of 500,000 dirhams due to social networking sites in the event that a domestic worker posts images or a live broadcast depicting the family for whom she works.

Warning about domestic workers who “live broadcast” the details of families’ daily lives

Caution should be exercised around domestic workers who "live broadcast" the intimate details of their employers' families' lives, Domestic workers have been known to breach their employers' clients' right to privacy by broadcasting live through various social media applications, such as "Tik Tok." This practice puts families in an uncomfortable position. On social media, families will vent their frustrations over certain habits, which will reveal a great deal of personal information and closely held family secrets. Domestic workers in "Tik Tok" challenges appear openly cooking during family gatherings and relay facts of individuals' lives without their knowing it. This entry has surprised families, who have voiced their surprise.

Domestic workers spread the privacy of families “online” on “Tik Tok”

On "Tik Tok," domestic workers have been known to violate the privacy of their employers' families, The actions of some domestic workers have been determined to be illegal by two legal consultants as well as the owner of a labor recruitment business. The individual who is being impacted by these actions is obligated to take the necessary actions against those domestic workers. Rashid Al-Hafiti, a legal advisor and lawyer, stated that what some domestic workers are doing, whether it be accessing social networking sites, broadcasting to the public, publishing private pictures of children and corners of the house, or revealing home secrets to others out of laughter and sarcasm, are all considered to be a violation of the privacy of others and a crime according to the law. Al-Hafiti stated that this was the opinion of the legal advisor and lawyer, He claimed that a worker is considered to be an intruder on privacy if she films her sponsor without his knowledge, or corners of the house, and then publishes it on social networking sites or through a live broadcast on these programs.

Punishment for domestic workers publishing details of families’ lives online and on social media sites

Disciplinary action taken against domestic helpers who reveal personal facts about their families online or on social networking platforms, He continued by saying, "This worker will be held legally accountable for committing these behaviors through Article (44), which stipulates that (he shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of not less than six months, and a fine of not less than 150 thousand dirhams and not more than 500 thousand dirhams, or one of the following:) These two penalties apply to anyone who uses an information network, electronic information system, or any information technology means, with the intent to commit a crime.

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