A woman loses 560 thousand dirhams in the Emirates after transferring money to a man and lying in court

A woman lost 560,000 dirhams in the UAE after referring her to a man and lying in court, claiming that the man deceived her and told her that he would bring her someone to treat her for her psychological condition.

After sending money to a man and then lying about the transaction in court, a woman in the Emirates loses a total of 560,000 dirhams.

In the United Arab Emirates, a woman was responsible for the loss of 560,000 dirhams after she referred a guy to her friend and then lied about the incident in court, stating that the man had lied to her and told her that he would bring someone to cure her psychological issue.

A woman accuses a man of seizing 560,000 dirhams under the pretext of treating her

A woman accuses a man of taking 560,000 dirhams from her under the guise of paying for her medical treatment, The result of the Court of First Instance was amended by the Al Ain Court of Appeal, which ordered a man to pay a woman 438 thousand and 380 dirhams. The woman claimed that the man had received the money from her under the guise that he would send her someone to treat her for her psychological issues. The man appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance. After looking at the partnership contract that they had with each other, the judge decided that the case should be dismissed. It was determined that the contract was legitimate in the context of the purchasing and selling of real estate, and it was established that the amounts that were given to him were his earnings from various commercial transactions. The circumstances of the case can be summed up as follows: the plaintiff filed a statement in which it was said that she had been suffering from psychological illnesses for a period of time; the first defendant took advantage of her condition and claimed that he would take care of her; the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the first defendant; the plaintiff filed a statement in which it was stated that the first defendant would take care of her It became apparent to the plaintiff that the defendant had unlawfully obtained the money from the plaintiff, despite the fact that the defendant had aided the plaintiff by bringing someone to treat her. As a result, the plaintiff transferred quantities of money to the defendant with the assistance of another woman.

Al Ain Court acquits a man of seizing a woman’s money

A man accused of taking a woman's money is found not guilty by an Al Ain court, The criminal case that the plaintiff's father brought against the first defendant resulted in the first defendant being acquitted after the second defendant testified that the transferred amounts were a debt for a business partnership. The plaintiff's father brought the case. The plaintiff then initiated legal action against the second defendant by filing a lawsuit.

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