A worker in the UAE was fined 150,000 dirhams and her phone was confiscated because of a photo

The Dubai Court recently issued a judicial ruling requiring a foreign worker residing in the Emirates to be fined 150,000 dirhams and to confiscate her phone because of a photo she took at her workplace and posted on a social networking site.

Because of a photograph, a worker in the UAE was given a punishment of 150,000 dirhams and her phone was taken away from her.

Because of a picture that the defendant took at her place of employment and uploaded to a social networking website, the Dubai Court has just handed down a verdict that requires the defendant to pay a fine of 150,000 dirhams and give up her phone. This is all because of the incident.

A court fines a worker 150,000 for posting photos on social media

A worker was given a fine of 150,000 dollars by the court for publishing images on social media, A worker at a women's beauty salon inadvertently promoted another salon by posting images of her customers on social media without first obtaining their permission. Her goal was to attract customers to the new salon, which she had recently joined. She was found guilty by the Dubai Misdemeanor and Violations Court, and the court decided that she should be fined 150,000 dirhams and then expelled from the country. The conviction of the convicted individual was overturned by the Court of Appeal, but the amount of the fine was upheld. The court ordered her to be required to remove the photos from all social media platforms and to turn over the phone that was used.

A report due to a worker publishing pictures of women in a beauty salon in Dubai

A report that was generated as a result of an employee in Dubai's beauty shop posting images of customers, In the specifics of the incident that took place in May of the previous year, a woman from the Gulf filed a report claiming that an ex-employee of hers had released photographs of customers who frequented the beauty salon that she owned in the Al Safa neighborhood of Dubai. She went on to say that she had seen a collection of images of her customers published on a number of communication platforms, and the employee was smiling broadly in all of them. She quit her job a few months ago and started going to a new gym in the same general vicinity. According to the documents included in the case, the Asian defendant, who is 22 years old, was subpoenaed, and she admitted that she had shared the images in order to promote a gym that she had joined after she had left her previous job with the whistleblower. The court found her guilty and handed down the aforementioned ruling, in which it handed down a judicial decision. She was given a fine of 150,000 dirhams, her phone was taken away, and the content that she had shared was removed.

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