Young man seeks 300,000 dirhams judicially from girl over WhatsApp threats

A youth initiates legal action, seeking 300,000 dirhams in compensation from a girl who had previously menaced him through WhatsApp communication.

Legal Pursuit for Damages: A Young Man Seeks Justice

The previous criminal charges resulting in the defendant's conviction serve as the basis for the complainant's civil lawsuit, addressing both material and psychological damages.

Evidence supporting the claim

In support of his claim, the young man submitted various documents, including a copy of the criminal ruling, a certificate from the Public Prosecution indicating no appeal against the criminal decision, a record of the WhatsApp conversation, and other relevant case-related documents.

Preparation and Court Proceedings

During the case preparation stage, the complainant's lawyer presented the case, while the defendant, who had been notified via text message, failed to attend. Consequently, the supervising judge decided to proceed with the case after completing its preparation.

In a virtual court session using video communication technology, the lawyer represented the complainant, and the absent defendant led the court to reserve judgment on the case.

Res Judicata and Compensation

In its ruling, the court noted the clear evidence of the defendant's conviction in the criminal case for threatening the complainant, and this unlawful act formed the basis of the complainant's civil lawsuit. The court recognized the validity of the res judicata, prohibiting any re-examination or violation of the previous criminal ruling.

As a result, the court obliged the defendant to pay the complainant an amount of 30,000 dirhams. The ruling also mandated the defendant to cover fees and expenses while rejecting any other requests made by the complainant.

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