Abu Dhabi announces good news for citizens and residents regarding Al-Taybeen Market

Hours ago, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality announced good news to citizens and residents regarding Al Taybeen Market, which is being organized for 9 days in the Al Shamkha area.

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A positive announcement has been made by Abu Dhabi for its citizens and residents in relation to Al-Taybeen Market.

Earlier today, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality shared some encouraging news with the citizens and residents of the city regarding the Al Taybeen Market, which is scheduled to take place in the Al Shamkha neighborhood for a period of nine days.

Determining the duration of organizing “Al-Taybeen Market” in Al-Shamkha

establishing the length of time that will be required to organize the "Al-Taybeen Market" in Al-Shamkha, Under the auspices of the Al Wathba Municipality Centre, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality is in the process of planning the "Al Taybeen Market" activities that will take place in Al Shamkha Square from the 18th to the 26th of November 2023. This enterprise is being carried out in collaboration with a number of strategic partners. Activities at the market will continue for a total of nine consecutive days (from five o'clock to nine o'clock at night).

Reasons for organizing Al-Taybeen Market in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi

What are the motivations behind the establishment of Al-Taybeen Market in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi? Twenty display platforms are provided for the products of the families and projects that are participating in the market. The Al-Taybeen Market in Abu Dhabi is organized with the intention of providing support and encouragement to young Emirati families that are productive, small and medium firm owners, and communities that are located inside the country.

Abu Dhabi Municipality’s message to the public regarding Al-Taybeen Market

The message that the Abu Dhabi Municipality is sending out to the general public about Al-Taybeen Market, A unique family environment that adds to the enjoyment of all members of the family is provided by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, which extends an invitation to the general public to visit the market and take part in the various workshops, events, and entertainment activities that have been meticulously chosen to enhance the market experience. As a result of the fact that all members of the family, including youngsters, are able to take part in the entertainment competitions that are presented on stage, the market places a significant emphasis on the entertainment component.

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