Urgent.. Abu Dhabi announces two conditions for obtaining a 35% discount on traffic violations

‏Infractions must be paid within 60 days of the day they were committed and cannot be considered severe violations to qualify for the 35% reduction that Abu Dhabi Police has set.

Get a 25% discount on traffic violations

She claims that drivers who pay their tickets within 60 days to one year will receive a discount of 25%. Additionally, they can make payments on their fines through banks for up to a year with zero interest.

The "Take Advice" initiative was started by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in an effort to encourage car owners to pay traffic infractions in installments and to make it easier for drivers to do so. It also aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of paying in full for violations early on by providing a number of facilities and privileges.

Service to convert traffic points into a driving license

By using a smart application and the General Command website, Abu Dhabi Police has created a system that allows drivers to convert traffic points into a driver's licence. In order to explain the service procedures, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate had the driver enter the services menu, select the traffic points registration service, enter the traffic file, and then proceed if the driver is the vehicle owner.

The vehicle's traffic file number is entered, the violation for which points are registered is selected, the selected data is reviewed and verified, and then the registration is carried out in order for the activation code to be received via text message over the phone, the sent code to be entered, the gearbox to be confirmed, and the registration to be finished if the person who committed the violation is not the owner of the vehicle.

Procedure for enrollment. Abu Dhabi Police offers a system for lowering traffic points. Programmes have been established that enable drivers with registered driver's licences to review their behaviour; traffic points range from eight to 23 points for those whose licences have been revoked and for those who have accrued more points than the cumulative cap. Movement (24 points).

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