Abu Dhabi Municipality announces new speed limits at 7 different locations

The Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has successfully completed the application of red asphalt in seven distinct locations across the city's roads.

Abu Dhabi Municipality Adopts Red Asphalt in 7 Locations

This initiative aims to establish new road speed limits, enhance traffic smoothness, and heighten safety measures. Additionally, the use of red asphalt serves as a visual cue to alert drivers to changes in road speed, contributing to both functional and aesthetic aspects. The endeavor aligns with the municipality's commitment to advancing civil infrastructure standards, sustainability, and overall quality of life.

Scope of the Project

The project involved the application of red asphalt on approximately 5,300 square meters, covering seven different locations. Existing lines within the designated red carpet areas, totaling 1,980 square meters, were repainted.

Along with the removal of 200 markings, the implementation also included the installation of speed-limiting signs at the beginning and end of each red carpet section. Furthermore, a decorative unit spanning 100 square meters was incorporated to enhance the visual appeal of the designated areas.

Specific Locations

The red carpet application was strategically executed at various key locations, such as Abu Dhabi's Al Ain Road, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, Sweihan Road, Al Falah Bridge, and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road. Each location saw a reduction in speed limits, ranging from 140 to 120 km/h or 120 to 100 km/h, contributing to a safer and more regulated traffic environment.

Commitment to Road Safety

Abu Dhabi City Municipality underscores its continuous efforts to prioritize safety and convenience across its extensive road network. The meticulous design and implementation of road infrastructure adhere to the highest international standards, ensuring the well-being of road users. These initiatives align with the cultural renaissance witnessed in Abu Dhabi, reflecting the municipality's dedication to creating a modern and secure urban environment.

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