Abu Dhabi Police provides drivers with an additional number plate service to prevent a fine of 400 dirhams

Abu Dhabi Police announced the provision of an additional number plate service for drivers to prevent a fine of 400 dirhams in cases of violations of the car’s number plate not being clear.

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In order to save drivers from having to pay a fine of 400 dirhams, the Abu Dhabi Police Department offers an additional number plate service.

Abu Dhabi Police invites drivers to take advantage of the “extra number plate”

As a part of its efforts to improve road safety and avoid accidents, the Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to take advantage of an initiative to place an additional number plate on the base of the bicycle rack at the back of vehicles carrying bicycles. This was done with the intention of preventing the blocking of the vehicle plate, which is considered a traffic violation and results in the imposition of a fine. The Director of the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Directorate in the Central Operations Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Breik Al-Amiri, emphasized the Abu Dhabi Police's eagerness to support environmental initiatives and bicycle users by teaching drivers and sparing them from traffic offenses. This will be accomplished through the Abu Dhabi Police's Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Directorate.

Penalty for violations of the car's license plate in the UAE

In the UAE, there is a fine for drivers who do not properly display their license plates, He drew attention to the fact that individuals who perform acts that may lead to "the vehicle's license plate numbers being unclear with a fine of 400 dirhams" are subject to the punishment specified in Article No. 27 "B" of Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017, which was issued in 2017 in reference to the laws governing traffic management. He emphasized the Abu Dhabi Police's eagerness to step up traffic control and take legal action to issue fines to any vehicle that does not comply with the Federal Traffic Law by displaying its license plate numbers. This law requires that all vehicles display their license plate numbers.

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