Abu Dhabi Police warns drivers about the left lane on the roads

A few hours ago, new instructions were issued by Abu Dhabi Police to drivers regarding the left lane on roads designated for overtaking and also allocating it to emergency vehicles.

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Instructions given by the Abu Dhabi Police Department to drivers on the use of the left lane on the roadways

New instructions for drivers were distributed by the Abu Dhabi Police just a few hours ago. These instructions concern the left lane on roads that are intended for passing other vehicles, as well as the allocation of this lane to emergency vehicles.

Abu Dhabi Police warns drivers against harassing vehicles advancing on the “overtaking lane”

The Abu Dhabi Police Department advises motorists not to harass vehicles that are trying to pass them in the "overtaking lane.", Drivers believe that harassing the users of this lane with high beams or clinging to the back of the vehicle to force them to vacate the lane poses a threat to the safety of everyone on the road, while other drivers have called for tightening traffic control measures against those who drive their vehicles slowly in the lane. Using the "left lane" of the road raises controversy over priority. Accidents involving vehicles traveling in the left lane have increased in frequency across the nation's roadways over the course of the last few years. This is primarily the result of certain motorists' refusal to obey the country's traffic laws, the primary violation of which is failing to maintain an adequate distance of safety between vehicles. In addition, traffic authorities have been monitoring the aggressive and careless driving behavior of certain motorists. In the lane on the left.

Cars allowed to drive in the left lane "overtaking lane"

Vehicles that are permitted to pass in the left lane will be considered an overtaking lane, For their part, the Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that the left lane of the road is used for overtaking, emergency vehicles, as well as civilian cars that are in a hurry. They also mentioned that the modern concept of driving a vehicle is to always drive in the middle and right lanes of the road, and to use the left lane when overtaking.

Mistakes made by drivers on the overtaking lane

Errors committed by drivers while using the overtaking lane, Drivers interacted with video clips broadcast by Abu Dhabi Police of real accidents that occur on the roads due to violations committed by some drivers, including not leaving a safe distance and harassing vehicles by sticking to them from behind, etc. One of the drivers said, "The priority of driving in the left lane constitutes a permanent dispute between... Drivers on the road, where one of them is traveling in this lane, adhering to the road speed, while someone else is traveling in this lane, adhering to the road Reda Ibrahim is in agreement with him and says, "There are some drivers who do not give others the opportunity to leave the left lane, and they commit reckless behaviors such as using the vehicle's high beams and approaching a short distance from the vehicle in front of them." Considering that this category poses a threat to the safety of road users, it is important to tighten Traffic control procedures against her. Reda Ibrahim agrees that it is important to tighten Traffic control procedures against her.

Abu Dhabi Police instructions for drivers

Instructions for Motorists from the Abu Dhabi Police Department, The Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a call to motorists, asking them to help make the roads safe and accident-free by not harassing vehicles advancing on the "overtaking lane" and sticking to them, as well as by not using high beams and horns, as doing so causes serious confusion among drivers, diverts focus on the roads, and ultimately results in painful traffic accidents. Lack of consideration for other motorists and failure to maintain an adequate following distance are examples of this. Drivers were warned by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Central Operations Sector to stay in the right lane whenever they are traveling at low speeds. This was done to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Drivers were also informed that the offense of failing to yield to vehicles that have a priority and are approaching from behind or from the left (the overtaking lane) carries a fine of 400 dirhams.

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